How to Throw A Pocket-Friendly New Year Party

By | December 29, 2021

Want to usher in the New Year in style without busting your bank account? This one’s for you!

How to Throw A Pocket-Friendly New Year Party

It’s New Year’s Eve and you expect to count down to midnight with your best buds. Going out to a fancy club or a party has become an expensive affair, and given that the year end is also the end of the month (well, duh!), plus the ongoing pandemic, it’s only normal to aspire for a budget-friendly party plan.

Here are some ideas that may help you celebrate the arrival of 2024 without digging into every inch of your wallet. Read on!

  • Host it at home

Apart from being able to enjoy your kind of music with your kind of people, throwing a party at home cuts down celebration costs by a big margin. Hosting a party at your place limits your expenses to just food and drinks, which means you won’t have to worry about paying over-the-top rates and prices that fancy pubs charge for ‘ambience’.

Not having to commute is another cost-saver here, by the way!

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  • Stick to BYOB

Just because you’re throwing a party doesn’t mean you are obliged to pay for everyone’s drink. At the very onset of your New Year plan, clearly state that your party will be a BYOB get-together. This way, you’ll cut back on a lot of initial expenses that you may otherwise feel weird to ask for later on!

  • Stock up on simple snacks

When you’re throwing a house party, you aren’t expected to serve an exotic entrée of starters and what not. Drive to the nearby provision store and pick up some tasty nibbles. You’ll be surprised how little people eat when they’re partying.

In fact, you can also pre-inform your friends that you’ve got snacks and other finger food ready so that they don’t expect a royal feast when they get to your place.

In any case, if you find your party short on food, you can always use your Credit Card and order food online and earn some coupons while you’re at it. Savings for the future!

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  • Don’t buy décor items for every party

If you already have some decorations lying in your closet from a previous party, you can always get innovative and use them differently, making your home look party-ready without having to spend on shopping for new ornamental goods.

  • Ditch the New Year cake

Unless it also happens to be your birthday, you really don’t need to get a celebratory cake to feed all your friends. Go unconventional and maybe get some muffins or cupcakes or just celebrate with a round of shots!

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  • Keep your headcount humble

No matter how much you reiterate the BYOB concept, it sometimes gets lost in the hullabaloo of organising a big party. To avoid this, you can be a little selective about who you really want to party with. Better to usher in the New Year with six good friends than with a dozen acquaintances, right?

Now that you have your checklist, go on and have a great time! Look, we’re not saying you shouldn’t have a grand New Year celebration. If you desire a big-time party next time around, you can always plan ahead and save up for it by opening a Savings Account!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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