How Women Invest Differently Than Men

By | February 10, 2017

How Women Invest Differently Than Men

Women do a lot of things differently than men—investments happen to be a part of those things. The primary reason for this is the difference in points of view. The way men and women see money is totally different. There are some things that men do better and others that women ace. While men tend to be better risk-takers, women are better at making budgets and sticking to them.

The debate on ‘who’s better’ can go on endlessly, and the chances of it taking a new turn altogether and reaching the stage where men start claiming to be better drivers, while women start claiming to be more responsible, are quite high. Well, the war of the sexes will go on and we can’t put an end to it. But we sure can analyse and figure out how women invest differently than men.

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Here are the major differences:

  • Women tend to be more calculative than men.

Women hate taking risks. They like to analyse things well in advance, before planning their money. Even some biological evidence suggests that testosterone levels play a significant role in determining risk-taking ability. Basically, men are biologically designed to be better risk-takers, while women, for obvious reasons, tend to be more calculative. Being calculative comes naturally to women as they usually tend to be the household managers and establishing a perfect work-life balance is what they do best. This quality reflects in the way they manage their finances as well. Blame the hormones, but that’s how men and women function differently on the financial front.

  • Women look for long-term solutions rather than quick fixes

Going for short-term fixes is just not what women like! They link money with security and hence like planning all future expenses well in advance. These include planning the instalments, the children’s fees, saving enough for retirement and balancing all other investments as well. On the other hand, men like to be more focused on the present and often tend to lose track of their finances while competing with others.

  • Women like to take their time before making financial decisions

Although sometimes women make some impulsive purchases, when it comes to managing their investments, they know how to be patient. They like thinking their actions through and take enough time to arrive at a conclusion. When it comes to investing in stocks, women like studying the market carefully before deciding where to invest.

  • Women don’t feel shy asking for financial help

Unlike men, women don’t shy away when it comes to asking for some financial advice. If they feel unsure about something, they get help from those who are well-versed with the technicalities of finance. They’re also more receptive to financial advice as compared to men.

  • Women are better at saving as they tend to be more goal-oriented

According to a survey ( conducted by the Times of India, women were found to be better at saving as compared to men. The survey also showed that to most women, money is synonymous with freedom and while managing both the household and work, women have got a better knack for saving. More and more urban women are exploring various investment options like Mutual Funds, Gold ETFs, etc. and that’s helping them invest their hard-earned money better than before.

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Like we mentioned before, the debate on ‘who’s better at what’ is never-ending and like most other things, women and men have entirely different approaches when it comes to money.

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