Is a Second Credit Card a Good Idea?

By | August 31, 2015

Thinking of getting a second Credit Card? Yes, it’s a good idea if you’ve used your first one wisely. But whether you should – and which one you should choose – depends on many factors. We’ve broken it down for you.

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Higher Credit Limit
A single card may not offer a high credit limit and its limit is easily exhausted. With a second card, you can divide your expenditure and enhance your overall spending capability. A word of caution: Don’t go overboard, of course!

Balance Transfer
If you are carrying a balance on your first card with a high interest rate, you might consider a balance transfer card as your second option to ease the burden. Makes sense, right?

Trusty Backup
Your second credit card acts as a backup if your first card is lost, stolen or doesn’t work due to a temporary technical glitch. Stash your second card someplace safe so you’ll have a card to use in a sticky situation. Second time lucky, eh?

Cash In On Rewards
Consider reward options when applying for a second credit card. Different cards offer different benefits. You might want a second card that offers reversal of fuel surcharge, while the first one offers you air miles. Choose smartly.

So if you think two’s company and it’s time for your second Credit Card, go for it! We’ve got loads to choose from!

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