Lifestyle Changes To Retain Post Lockdown If You’re Looking To Save Money

By | May 14, 2020

Staying indoors has forced us to adapt a no-frills lifestyle. While we can’t wait for things to get back to normal, let’s see how we can use our current experience to help us save more money in the future!

Lifestyle Changes To Retain Post Lockdown If You're Looking To Save Money

The past few weeks have been quite an experience for all of us. With the pandemic forcing the world to employ lockdowns and take strict measures to curb public movement, human beings have been left with no choice but to grin and bear it. Obviously, staying indoors has changed the way we function. Our purchases are limited to essentials; our activities are restricted to four walls; our personal and professional lives co-exist in our living space.

While it is really easy to list out the top things you miss about your pre-lockdown life, it’s far more fruitful to try & guage how much you’ve learnt from this whole experience. Below are some lifestyle changes you may have experienced that actually are worth keeping if you’re looking to be a better saver!

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1) Curbing Your Wants

With shopping at our fingertips, it’s only natural for us to make impulse decisions and buy items that catch our eyes! However, if there’s one thing the lockdown has taught us, it is to prioritise what you REALLY need and park any other purchase ideas that aren’t a necessity. The latter can be categorised as ‘wants’. Now, while we’re currently focusing on needs because of the dire situation, this approach surely has its benefits if you’re looking to save money because you’ll always be careful about your purchases.

2) Being Prudent About Resource Usage

Another thing that some of us have become more conscious of is our usage of the resources available to us. Everything from ration to electricity is calculated more carefully now that we’re indoors 24×7. This is great because it can only result in good things like minimal wastage of food, electricity, water and the like. What’s more? You end up maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle this way; the environment will thank you for it!

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3) Learning Life Skills

Our normal fast-paced work lifestyle usually doesn’t leave us with much time to learn and explore skills such as cooking, cleaning and repairing. The lockdown has particularly been great at making each of us self-sufficient. While some of us have learnt to cook enough to enjoy 3 nice meals everyday, others have found a way to repair home appliances by depending on Youtube tutorials. While you won’t be expected to tend to every issue once life goes back to normal, you’ll be always thankful that you know your way around these things and are more self sufficient now than you were pre-lockdown. What does this have to do with savings? A lot! More cooking means lesser food orders on the weekends. An improved ability to quick-fix things at home means lesser money spent on hiring handymen for simple repairs, and so on!

3) Exploring Digital Ways Of Banking

While most of us already used to rely on the internet for all our Credit Card, Personal Loan and banking needs, the lockdown has made these digital avenues all the more relevant. At a time when physical contact is best avoided, the power of digital banking has enabled us to financially empower ourselves with the click of a button.

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