What Makes BankBazaar The Best Online Financial Marketplace?

By | December 6, 2017

What Makes BankBazaar The Best Online Financial Marketplace?

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives forms the backbone of the company. They are the true force that drives the company’s mission – to help customers access the right financial product – forward. It’s due to their patience, hard-work, and knowledge that our customers are truly able to make the most of their experience at BankBazaar.

We have a ton of praises to sing for each and every member of the CRO team, but a few certainly stand out. Their work was appreciated not just by us, but by our happy customers as well.

Read on to find out what our customers had to say about their application process with BankBazaar, which was truly made great by our rockstar CROs.

Annie C

Annie joined BankBazaar eight months ago. Although she’s fairly new to the BankBazaar family, she’s an expert in her domain of Life Insurance. In less than a year, she has proven to be a star performer in the making.

This is what one of our customers had to say about her:

‘’Annie gave me the exact calculation and details about the policy and that is exactly what I wanted to know to take the right decision. We need experienced representatives like Annie who can clearly tell customers the differences between offers from various partners.’’

We learned that the customer even insisted that Annie take all his queries in the future as well.

Kudos Annie! We all have a lot to learn from you.

Nandhini Murugesan

Nandhini is another shining star from the Life Insurance vertical. She has been with us for over a year now and we are absolutely in awe of the consistency she demonstrates at work. Her growth trajectory has seen a steep upward climb. Nandhini is also known for her pleasant voice, which has worked in her favour when taking calls.

This is what a delighted customer had to say:

‘’I thank Nandhini very much for providing all the information that I needed. She has been very patient through to the end. Of all the calls I received, Nandhini spoke the best to me and convinced me to take the Life Insurance plan.’’

The customer also had many good things to say about Nandhini’s calm and helpful demeanour.

Megarajan M

Megarajan has been part of the BankBazaar family for more than two years. During this time he has acquired in-depth knowledge of Car Insurance, which truly shines through in his communication with customers.

Here are some words of appreciation from a customer for Megarajan:

‘’I would like to thank Megarajan for his services and I’m so very delighted to avail the Royal Sundaram policy with his help.’’

Great going, Megarajan!

Pushpalath M

Pushpalath has been working with us for two years and this time she has truly excelled at her work, as proven by her consistent follow-ups with customers. Our customers are equally thrilled having their applications looked into by her.

Here’s what a customer said:

“Thanks for your great services and I’m so delighted. It’s was great working with you.”

Shuyeab B & BalaKrishnan

This power duo has been an integral part of the BankBazaar team for over two years. On one hand, they have mastered Car Insurance, while on the other hand, they display unwavering dedication towards ensuring customer satisfaction.

Here are good words about them:

‘’Thank you so much Shuyeab & Bala. This was the first time I visited the BankBazaar website and I had a very good experience. I troubled you guys a lot. Thank you so much for helping me renew the policy.’’

Amit Kerketta

Amit joined BankBazaar a little over a year ago. His ability to simplify complicated ideas as well as his fluency with multiple languages, including Oriya, have greatly helped us address concerns raised by customers hailing from various regions.

One of the many customers impressed with Amit left the following note of appreciation:

‘’Amit spoke very slowly and clearly. He explained everything to me in detail, making it easy for me to understand Health Insurance plans.’’

Congratulations, Amit!

Thanuja M

Thanuja has been part of BankBazaar for over two years. As a multilingual expert, she is able to easily connect with customers in different languages. She also has excellent listening and perseverance skills, which helps her understand the concerns of customers so as to offer the best possible solutions to them.

Here’s a truly heart-warming message left by a customer for Thanuja:

‘’I must say, after many years with many calls reaching out to a call centre specialist, the engagement I had with Tanuja was extraordinary. She was extremely patient, helpful and showed a deep understanding of my needs. Because of her perseverance, I bought 2 Health Insurance policies while on a call with her. She is a great asset to your team. Very happy with her support.’’

Need we say anything more for Thanuja after this?

Dhinakaran C

Dhinakaran has been with Bankbazaar for two years. He stands out for his rigorous follow-ups with customers and for helping customers know about Bankbazaarinsurance.com as the perfect stop for insurance products.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

‘’I really appreciate Dhinakaran and his efforts, and the services provided by BankBazaar. He is a wonderful marketing expert. He is very patient and makes the job of the customer easy.’’

Very impressive, Dhinakaran!

Raja Bala Subramaniam

With two years under his belt at BankBazaar, Raja has established a reputation as a master problem solver. He always finds a resolution within the stipulated turnaround time and updates his customers on a timely basis.

This is what one happy customer had to say about him:

‘’Raja has helped me a lot. He has to be appreciated for his follow-ups and patience. Thanks a lot, Raja and the BankBazaar team.’’

Keep going, Raja! You’ve done us proud.

Here are a few more testimonials that our star performers have received.


Bhavani has been with BankBazaar for a little over two and a half years now and looks after the Home Loan vertical.

Here are words of appreciation for her:

‘’I would like to appreciate Bhavani from the bottom of my heart. She put in sincere effort into convincing me as she patiently answered queries and gave me the information I needed. I was very happy and satisfied after the call with her and appreciate her knowledge of the subject. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would like to award her 5 stars for her service.’’

Preeti Gupta

Preeti has been with BankBazaar for about two years and looks after the Mutual Fund vertical.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

‘’I would like to appreciate Preeti for helping me with Mutual Funds. I was also in touch with PaisaBazaar and ShareKhan, but Preeti answered my queries with patience. She is a calm person and I appreciate her passion for her work. I am very happy with BankBazaar’s customer service.’’

Awesome, Preeti! You’ve done BankBazaar proud!

Abdul and Chitra

When it comes to stellar customer service, Chitra and Abdul are undoubtedly the stars of the show.

Take a gander at this fantastic message sent in by one of our customers:

‘’Believe me, I had a great journey on the phone today and it was incredible.  Abdul – you all are working towards one goal, which is delighting customers with your service. It reflected on the call when I spoke to Chitra and then you. How could everyone be so fine-tuned is a thing I would love to know? You guys are superb and no one in the world is better than BankBazaar when it comes to assisting people with their financial needs.’’

Needless to say, you rock, guys!


Ranjitha has been part of the BankBazaar family for over three years.

Here are some wonderful words from a customer appreciating her efforts:

‘’Dear BankBazaar team, thank you once again for your satisfactory and fast approach. I must say you have a very effective and customer-centric customer service team. You delight your customers and are successful each time, every time. And for that 10/10 full marks to you guys. Thanks.’’

Special thanks to Rajitha!


Rajalakshmi is already our Personal Loan star even though she has been at BankBazaar for just under a year.

Customer feedback like this only highlights her amazing efforts:

‘’I would like to appreciate Rajalakshmi from the bottom of my heart. She put in a lot of effort into convincing me and answered all my queries. She is doing an excellent job – appreciable and remarkable. I would like to share 1% of the loan amount with Rajalakshmi if my loan gets disbursed.’’

Keep it up, Rajalakshmi!

By the way, it doesn’t end there! We’ve been receiving responses on all fronts from our customers.

Here are some fantastic responses and reactions we received on social media for innovative ad campaigns from our brand management team.

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    What Makes BankBazaar The Best Online Financial Marketplace?
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A smart and user-friendly app is crucial to the success of almost every business today. We understand this and hence spend a lot of time each day making the BankBazaar app better for our customers.

Here are some things people are saying about our app.

‘’It’s a great app. I can actually check my Credit Score without paying anything to anybody. I hope they don’t charge me later’’ – Irfan Khan.

We promise Irfan, we won’t charge you a thing. You are always welcome to check your score. It’s still free.

‘’BankBazaar is the best and fastest service app in financial situations. Very good service and great app’’ – Pramod C.H.

‘’I love you so much. My Rs. 2.40 lakhs loan was approved only in three days. I love you so much’’ – Ajay Kumar

With such amazing feedback, the only thing we can say is, TRY IT! Click here to download our app and experience the world of finance like never before.

From our very talented customer care representatives to our social media ad campaigns and mobile app, our focus lies in helping our customers get the right financial product. Whether you are looking for a loan, Credit Card or investment options, just click the link below to get started on the best financial platform out there – BankBazaar.com.

All information including news articles and blogs published on this website are strictly for general information purpose only. BankBazaar does not provide any warranty about the authenticity and accuracy of such information. BankBazaar will not be held responsible for any loss and/or damage that arises or is incurred by use of such information. Rates and offers as may be applicable at the time of applying for a product may vary from that mentioned above. Please visit www.bankbazaar.com for the latest rates/offers.

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