Meet BankBazaar’s UI Team Ninjas!

By | July 2, 2016

Meet BankBazaar’s UI Team Ninjas!

User Interface (UI) is the cornerstone of seamless experience for end users. BankBazaar was named ‘Best Financial Website’ at the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) awards as well as ‘Best Website’ at the Indian Digital Media Awards 2016 and Jagran Media Awards. Our gifted UI team had a major role to play in these wins.

We are mighty proud of our very gifted and ingenious UI team. We also love the smarts of our UX (User Experience) team. Of course, one must not be confused with the other!

An oft-committed sin is to confuse the roles of the UI and UX teams. The UI team sculpts the online face of your website. The UX team determines the ‘feel factor’ of interacting with the website. To state an analogy – if the two teams were to work in a fashion designer’s workshop, the UI team will pool inputs from various teams and design a magnificent dress. The UX team will determine what it feels like to wear the dress. Hope we have helped you spot the fine line.

The bagging of ‘Best Website’ awards in quick succession speaks volumes about our UI team. It’s because of the contribution of the UI team that the perplexing concept of selling financial offerings online becomes a simple task. Think about loans and Credit Cards. You didn’t know where to begin and how to go about it. Our UI team helps break down the intimidating world of applying for a financial product into a few swipes and clicks. Isn’t that just cool?

Under the brilliant captaincy of Gavaskar S, the team of 16 high-performing individuals has achieved great feats. Not the least being cutting down the time taken to complete a workflow cycle by 75 percent. The result is a culmination of happy people collaborating with each other and other teams to turn knowledge and ideas into actionable projects.

The UI workflow is like the game of Mortal Kombat – one hard level to win after another. Let’s take a look at the UI team’s workflow.

Creating a web design based on product requirement, converting this design to an html static page (with kickass user experience), moving from the final design to the development stage for review, entering the production stage, and finally, the final product goes live! Yippee!

And, it’s not just the website the team beautifies. There’s also the blog, marketing flyers, promotional posters and more. They are the design Ninjas!

So just how did they become the design Ninjas they are today? We asked the boss to spill the beans.

“We work as team. We support each other throughout the project development cycle, ensuring participation from all members, which results in a quick turnaround time for a project,” says Gavaskar S, Team Manager UI.

“We participate in knowledge-sharing sessions on relevant forums and on social networks to get updates on trends. Other than this, we also conduct weekly UI sessions to make sure everyone is up-to-date with everything happening in the team, company and the industry at large,” he adds.

Now we all know that technology is an important facet of the UI team. It’s important for any UI team is to stay abreast of the latest technology – the ones they use and the ones they create designs for. This complete understanding of functionality is critical when the team designs a webpage or any other product.

To know more we turned to Gavaskar again for his take on the matter.

“We quickly learn the latest technology on the front-end and keep an eye out for designs trending in the industry. After careful analysis of design trends, we incorporate the relevant features in the BankBazaar systems,” says Gavaskar.

“In between all this, we keep an eye out for issues on the website and have them tested and fixed in the speediest of manners,” he adds.

This team has their work sorted through and through. Check out our website. You’ll see it for yourself.

All work and no play makes Jack, Jill and all the other kids from neighbouring houses dull people. To this end, UI in itself is a fun job to do. So how do you up the ante? First, it’s BankBazaar as a company, where fun events are given their due time and place. We take this very seriously!

Second, the best way to foster creativity is by stoking competition in the correct way and in the right amount. The UI team goes about the latter by conducting Design Hackathons. Some of our best ideas have surfaced during these exciting competitions.

What more can we say for the UI team? Rumour has it that some of our UI guys are capable of teleportation. No kidding. Ping them on the company messenger and within seconds, the person appears at your desk. No, they don’t sit close by. Full marks for enthusiasm!

Well, that is the BankBazaar UI team for you. If you have the skills to think out of the box, create beautiful designs and can turn around projects in record time, you could make the cut to be part of this team of absolute rockstars. Teleportation skills a plus.

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