CEO Adhil Shetty Among Fintech Entrepreneurs To Meet PM Modi

By | August 18, 2017

India has become a country synonymous with reforms in the past few years. Things are changing at lightning speed, mostly for the better; ushering in an era of reduced corruption and better political administration.

This has been possible due to the efforts of the Government to include leaders from all sectors and industries in the creation and implementation of important policies. One of the focus areas identified by the government for growth has been the banking and financial sector.

We are glad to share the news that reputed think tank Niti Aayog has invited Adhil Shetty, founder and Chief Executive Office BankBazaar, for a discussion with the Prime Minister on growth and innovation in the industry.

Prime Minister Modi will be meeting 200 people who have been credited with introducing disruptive ideas and technology in their respective fields. Adhil, along with other industry leaders, will be meeting Prime Minister Modi on August 21 and 22 to discuss the theme – ‘Reforms in the financial sector’.

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, is also expected to be present at the meeting. The discussions will cover topics like financial inclusion, insurance and management of non-performing assets in the banking sector, etc, the Economic Times reported citing a source.

This meeting comes on the heels of the Prime Minister meeting with the chief executives of Indian start-ups. The active inclusion of top leadership in policy making is in line with the ‘Make in India’ ideology and the ‘New India’ by 2022 dream of the Government.

Fintech Road

The financial and technology verticals have played a major role in shaping the economic and industrial setup of the world. They can be credited with heralding ground-breaking changes in the global economy.  Hence, it’s no surprise to see the two industries cross paths and fashion what is called the Fintech sector. Imagine, you can now apply for Loans and Credit Cards online without having to submit any physical documents.

BankBazaar Chief Technology Officer Murari Sridharan has spoken at length about trends shaping the FinTech Sector. Click here to read his insightful article.

It’s an instant world and instant solutions are the order of the day. Companies that understand this manage to stay way ahead of competitors. This is exactly what Financial Technology Firms, or FinTechs, the world over are doing – This excerpt from an article penned by our CEO answers the question – why Fintechs are racing ahead.

The banking industry is indeed poised to undergo major changes. It’s wiser to stay prepared by joining the digital wave.

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