Meet The Team – Campaign Management

By | September 3, 2016

Meet the Team – Campaign Management

Have you ever wondered who’s behind our successful BankBazaar subscriber campaigns and customer-engagement strategies? Say hello to our super-awesome Campaign Management team.

Interested to know more? Well, let’s get moving then. Hop on!

The Team

Let’s start with the team members. Basically, the Campaign Management team is a small team with four members – Sasidhar Vavilala, Avinash Sabesan, Yashwanth Kumar and Himanshu Bajaj. The nature of this team’s work means that they have to work cross-functionally with a number of other teams, primarily the Product Content team. (The latter currently cites acute stage fright, but will be dragged out, kicking and screaming, to be featured in the near future).

Sasidhar Vavilala (Head) – Better known as Sasi, he is an integral part of this team and the brains behind the operations. He is intelligent, witty and has a good sense of humour. With him around, there’s never a dull moment at work!

Avinash Sabesan (Team Lead) – A total workaholic, Avinash’s day begins and ends with data. You’d always find him extremely calm and focussed, no matter how much he’s got on his plate. His favourite stress buster is Texas Hold’em Poker. Hit him up if you want some tips on the same.

Yashwanth Kumar (Sr. Campaign Operational Analyst) – Mr. Strategiser! He is well-known for his strategising skills – be it while analysing campaigns, creating new ones or playing foosball. All it takes is a hot cup of strong coffee to get him on his feet and crunching data.

Himanshu Bajaj (Email Analyst) – A man of few words and an ever-smiling face, Himanshu is a pure genius when it comes to getting new email campaigns created and monitoring their performance. Oh! He’s also fantastic at sketching.

While Sasidhar and Avinash are based out of the land of amazing idlis (also known as Chennai), Yashwanth and Himanshu work from the garden city of India (also known as Bangalore).

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What do they do?

These four level-headed beings strive hard every day, including weekends, to help BankBazaar grow its customer base and maximise the Lifetime Value (LTV) of existing customers.

Driven by data, they’re constantly searching for new ways to connect with a visitor or an existing customer via multiple marketing channels. These include emails, SMSes, push notifications, voice cross-sell, web engagement, etc. Apart from this, they also keep an eye out for innovative ways to improvise the effectiveness and ROI of these campaigns. “Most of the success comes from our preparation and capability building,” says Sasidhar Vavilala, the Campaign Management Head.

They also play a vital role in acquiring new customers and re-engaging existing ones. Yashwanth adds, “We send out the right content at the right time to help customers make an informed decision about financial products.” Well, that’s the secret ingredient, huh!

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A Typical Day

It all starts with a hot cuppa freshly brewed coffee. Slurp!

Next on their agenda is the daily scrum. At the scrum, they usually discuss the previous day’s work and chart out their individual plan for the day. The scrum usually happens over the phone considering these guys work out of both Chennai and Bangalore.

After the scrum, they head back to their seats and start working on their daily tasks. These include deploying new campaigns, testing new campaign ideas, creating new target segments and turning data to valuable insights. They also have to interact with various stakeholders to execute campaigns and boost their productivity and effectiveness. Busy schedule!

Okay, work aside! Let’s get to the fun bit. After all, a little fun never hurt anyone, right? These guys love to play foosball (and they’re pretty good at it too). Also, they’re quite good at playing pranks and making everything fun. They’re quite creative that way!

“We have lots of fun at work. And that’s why we love coming to work every day,” Sasi says. He adds, “This also helps bring out the best in us professionally, allowing us to deliver 5x to 6x productivity targets easily and without feeling the stress.”

Well, that’s how our Campaign Management team rolls!

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What do they think about BankBazaar?

We asked Yashwanth what he loved about working at BankBazaar. Here’s what he said:

“BankBazaar, to me, is a mix of challenging work and a fun working environment. This really helps to bring the best out in me.”

We noticed Himanshu flashing a big smile and nodding in agreement.

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