Monday blues? Sorry, I don’t understand.

By | April 16, 2016


I must, at the very beginning, state that I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol as I write this (in all likeliness, you will think I am). After reading this, you might also want to quit your job and work here with me but I ask that you sleep on it. The next morning, you’ll still feel the exact same way. Then, you can send in your résumé.

Life at BankBazaar; where do I even begin? It’s ironic how I was so reluctant to even consider the job. Ignorance almost got the better of me but reason prevailed. Today, I stand at a point in my career where everything seems too good to be true. How many can actually say they’re very happy with their jobs? I can. After my time in the trenches, I do believe this was meant to be.

I’m a part of the creative powerhouse that churns out content for the company. Customer engagement in the form of internal emails, push notifications, blog articles and content requests from different departments – all in a day’s job.

Over the years, I’ve worked with biggies in the industry and have also been an integral part of the start-up culture. BankBazaar is a tasteful blend of both – the best bits put together, really. The professionalism displayed in the way things are handled is very ‘MNC’ yet there’s this personal touch to everything that’s very comforting. When it comes to work, quality takes precedence over quantity (which is awesome). That fire-breathing dragon monitoring your in-time and out-time? We don’t have that here. Work like a responsible adult and you shall be treated like one. Goofing-off time is taken very seriously too. An average of ten jokes a day makes the rounds within the team. A team that laughs together, sticks together!

All in all, a beautiful, ‘sorted’ environment to work in where you drive your projects with full creative liberty. If you need some extra support while you’re at it, ask and you shall receive!

One word that sums up a typical day at BankBazaar – learning (I get paid for it too). This place is for a go-getter and the opportunities here are endless. In a year’s time, I’ve had to add two more pages to my résumé listing newly acquired skills (no kidding). That says quite a lot, doesn’t it? Things are always exciting since no two days here are similar.

I feel that the ultimate measure of a good workplace is the gradual disappearance of the Monday blues to the point of non-existence (read that again and let it sink in). That’s exactly how it is here. I ‘look forward’ to Mondays to list out the things I shall conquer that week. That fateful moment on Friday where I tick-off my final task – pure, unadulterated satisfaction. On Saturday, I usually just stand over the spoils of war with pride and grin like an idiot. True story.

I take pride in the work I do. I’ve been entrusted with a ton of responsibilities since the day I joined and I’m more than happy to take them on. My weaknesses have never been made common knowledge. Instead, I’ve been given ample support and time to work on them. Any achievement, as tiny as it may be, is called out in the form of a congratulatory email (recipients include people in the top management). The occasional nudge in the right direction sure works wonders!

It’d be unfair to diss all the people I’ve worked with over the years. In fact, I’ve been quite lucky. BankBazaar, however, is a different story. I love working here. I get to use my skills and get to hone them too. This means I rise beyond mediocrity and pursue excellence and that’s always a great feeling. Also, working with such a talented bunch gives me more reason to walk with my nose miles up in the air! Positive vibes all around with a work culture that stems from a transparent management – not much left to ask for!

Unless I land a record deal with a major label and need to tour the world (I’m a struggling musician, you see), I’ll be here for the foreseeable future revolutionising finance in India and beyond. Cheers to BankBazaar!

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