Monsoon Madness – 5 Best Places To Visit In India In July

By | July 9, 2018

Get ready to travel because here are five places that come alive in the monsoons that are sure to wash away all your stress.

Monsoon Madness – Five Of The Best Places To Visit In India In July

Have you ever thought about chasing the monsoons? Think lush green landscapes covered in mist and pearly dew dotting everything within sight, even perching on the bridge of your nose. Or would you rather turn your nose up at the very thought of a heavy downpour ruining your perfectly done hair?

Well, we suggest that you gear up with a pair of rain boots, a good waterproof jacket and a bag and get ready to dance in the rain because we have a list of places that come alive in the monsoons that are sure to wash away all your stress.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Lonavala

You’ve surely heard all about the sprawling beauty that Lonavala is in the monsoons. You’ve probably seen pictures of the glorious sunrises and sunsets captured from a multitude of viewpoints and wished you were there. Well, now is the time to capture your own sunset by scaling the Sahyadri mountain ranges.

As they say, it’s not the destination that matters but rather the journey that counts. This couldn’t have been truer for Lonavala. The path to the highest points of Lonavala will have you crossing exciting ghat sections marked with many beautiful waterfalls.

It’s an excellent place to spend a long weekend away from the hustle-bustle and water clogged roads of Mumbai city.

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  1. Goa

And you thought Goa was just for New Year parties! Well, visit Goa in the monsoons and we promise that you’ll see an entirely new side of this beachside territory. On one hand, you have the roaring sea, shacks and Goan delicacies, while on the other you have paddy fields that stretch as far as your eyes can see. Truly a picturesque view.

Goa is all about plonking your weary legs on a chair and letting the stress slip away as you sip your favourite drink. Once you are in Goa, you can spend days without end sitting out in the balcony of a holiday home and just letting the breezy weather (imagine that in Goa) and soothing landscape work magic on your mind and soul.

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  1. Coorg

The Southern state of Karnataka is known for its quaint little Hill Stations. One among these many jewels is Coorg. This hill station is popular for its homestays, delicious food, hillsides carpeted with coffee plantations etc. The list goes on and on. Still safe from the commercial elements of a popular tourist spot, Coorg is a must visit if you love random encounters with wildlife, monasteries, roaring waterfalls and an abundant spread of flora and fauna.

People almost never skip a trek to Tadiandamol, the highest peak in Coorg, which offers a breathtaking view of the scenery, and if you are lucky then probably a rainbow too. You can add Bylekuppe, Madikeri Fort and Kushalnagar to the itinerary.

Coorg is one of those places you can plan to visit on a shoestring budget. To get there, get on a flight to Bangalore or Mysore and then complete the rest of the journey via car. Make sure you have your Fuel Credit Card for extra savings.

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  1. Munnar

Prepare yourself for a green carpet welcome if you pick Munnar for your monsoon holiday break. Also known as the ‘Kashmir of South India’, Munnar will captivate your senses with the beauty of its perfectly trimmed tea-plantation covered hillsides, deep valleys and high peaks.

There are a number of things to do in Munnar like trekking, taking nature walks, tea-plantation walks, cycling, visiting spice gardens or just sitting in your hotel balcony with a hot cup of locally grown tea and some delicious Kerala cuisine.

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  1. Mawsynram

You cannot skip this place if you love rains. Mawsynram tops the world charts for receiving the highest rainfall.  A close second is Cherrapunji, which isn’t too far away. Now is the best time to visit these places since monsoons run from June to September. The place is so beautiful during the monsoons, what with all its tall grass and emerald-green mountains, that it often gets compared with the Scottish Highlands. Even if you aren’t a monsoon person, you are sure to reconsider your choice once you visit Mawsynram and Cheerapunji.

So grab your trekking gear, warm clothes and get ready to be charmed by the beauty of the North-Eastern State of Meghalaya.

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