How Much Of My Salary Should I Aim To Save?

By | February 18, 2018

CEO Adhil Shetty tells you how much of your paycheck you should look to set aside at the start of every month. #PFTweetSized

We often hear people complain that their salaries do not match up to their expenses. “Story of my life,” you think. Then you grudgingly think about your workplace, your manager, and the HR team with a feeling of hopelessness.

Perhaps you don’t have a budget in place or more likely you equate an increase in salary with the liberty to spend more. Do you think about savings, investments or spending smart? Hence, in spite of an increase in your salary, the relationship between you and your finances has always been like the one between scrat and his ever elusive acorn in Ice Age.

Let’s get that acorn once and for all. It requires a little bit of strategy, a pinch of sacrifice and dollops of perseverance. We have identified 10 prime reasons why people feel poor in spite of a fat salary. Let’s shoot them down one at a time.

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