Why A Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Is A Good Option

By | March 2, 2018

You need not be hassled about travel insurance each time you take a trip.

Travel is fun, liberating, and therapeutic. While travel enthusiasts vouch for these words, sometimes it can turn into a nightmare or a risky proposition if not planned properly. Therefore, planning before a travel remains the key and it should include vital elements as Travel Insurance.

With increasing number of frequent fliers taking multiple trips overseas for either work or pleasure, travel insurance is now gaining momentum. Buying a Multiple Trip Travel Insurance is not only more cost-effective as compared to individual travel insurance plans for each trip, but it also assures that you can take those last minute travel decisions with ease without worrying about insurance.

Understanding Travel Insurance

A lot of things can go wrong during your vacation. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a foreign country without any help or protection. From baggage loss at the airport to missing connecting flights, baggage theft, loss of passport or a health scare, all or any of these are real possibilities. Travel insurance not only offers protection against any medical eventuality or emergency evacuation but also supports for loss of baggage or theft in such instances.

Multiple Trip Insurance Vs Single Trip Insurance

Travel insurance plans can be bought for both domestic and foreign trips including single travel plans as well as for multiple trips. Multi-trips are valid for the tenure of one year from the date of purchase of the plan and ideal for frequent travelers to ensure every trip is protected. It may be more costly than getting insured on just one long vacation, but if you have multi-trip insurance your life will be easier especially if you travel a lot.

Benefits Of Multi-trip Insurance

So, if you are wondering why one should seek a multi-trip travel plan and not buy travel insurance before every trip instead, then these points may help you guide better.

  • Cost Effective & Convenient: Multi-trip travel insurance plans are more cost-effective compared to single trip insurance plans. The insurer does not have to bear any additional administrative expenses for each travel insurance plan making them cheaper and economical for the policyholder. It is also convenient as you do not have to submit documents before each travel plan to seek travel insurance.
  • More Scrutiny Of Terms and Conditions: Travel insurance plans come with their own set of exclusions like non-protection for pre-existing diseases or no coverage for adventure sports while travelling and more. But most of us often ignore these details. With a multi-travel insurance plan, you are less likely to overlook any such exclusion and other terms and conditions as you need to check the details of the plan only once and not numerous times for every trip.
  • Suitable For Impulsive Travelers: With a multi-travel insurance plan at hand, you can take those impulse travel decisions to go at the best available time without worrying over travel insurance or the lack of it. It’s ideal for those last minute surprise foreign trips with your family and children.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you opt for a multi-travel insurance plan, here are a few things to be aware of to ensure an optimum purchase.

  • The Travel Limit for Each trip: Multi-travel insurance plan has restriction over a period of stay for each trip. Usually, the period ranges from 35 to 60 days for various insurers. Know the time limit for each stay to ensure your multi-travel insurance plan remains in place for your trip.
  • Countries Covered: Travel insurance for regions like US and Canada where medical services are expensive to attract higher premiums. So before saying yes to a multi-travel insurance plan, check if the countries you are likely to visit are covered under the travel plan.

A multi-trip travel insurance plan is tailor-made if you are likely to take multiple trips in a year. But remember to compare between different insurers as to who is offering you the best deal, to be tension free on your vacation.

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