No Insurance Payout For Selfie Deaths

By | July 24, 2018

If you are one of those people who like clicking selfies, you may want to take it slow and be mindful of your surroundings before posing. Insurance companies will not pay out claims from selfie deaths. Read on to know more.

No Insurance Payout For Selfie Deaths

What Is A Selfie Death?

The selfie generation may have taken it one step further when it comes to clicking snaps. They are known for clicking photos in the most bizarre situations and most dangerous locations. Many times they have very little or no regard for their own safety. Thus, the selfie-crazy-youth are often susceptible to impending danger.

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Sure, you have heard and seen enough of how sometimes things have gone wrong when people have tried to click a selfie. Unfortunately, some of these accidents have resulted in serious physical damage and even death in some cases. These sort of accidents are known as “selfie deaths”.

India Has The Highest Number Of Selfie Deaths

That’s not all, India has the highest number of such danger-prone deaths – people dying while clicking selfies! In a collaborative study by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi, India had 76 of the 127 reported selfie deaths in an 18-month period.

In 2016, the Mumbai Police identified 16 no-selfie zones in the city, which were mostly spots near the sea and forts, to prevent such mishaps. This movement occurred after an 18-year-old girl drowned while clicking selfies with two of her friends. Ever since the incident occurred the police force implemented a ban on clicking selfies in various spots across the city.

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Spots in Bandra, Mahim, Juhu, Colaba, Marine Drive, Sion, Worli, and Gorai which were likely to cause trouble and were identified for this ban. The police along with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) created awareness to enforce this ban by using posters and their social media handles on Twitter to inform people about the proposed ban.

As a result, these rising numbers have resulted in insurance companies being on guard with regard to such death claims. Many insurance companies have decided not to entertain such accident claims and have even put this in writing.

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What Do Insurance Companies Think Of Selfie Deaths?

General insurance companies that offer accidental death benefits, including Health Insurance are concerned about people who could go to any extent to take photos. To safeguard themselves and reiterate caution, a lot of companies have come forward and announced that selfie deaths will not be compensated. Some insurance companies do not cover deaths caused by adventure sports too.

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Insurance companies believe that selfie deaths are caused by sheer negligence on the part of the victim. And well, we can’t blame them for thinking that because, in reality, it is the responsibility of every individual to prioritise their own safety first. So, in short, families of the deceased will not be compensated for such accidents.

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In some cases, even if the insurance company considers paying the accidental death benefits, the family of the deceased will have to provide sufficient data in the form of records – such as a copy of the FIR and post-mortem report. The insurance company will then investigate the circumstances under which the person died.

This process of getting all necessary documents required to settle a claim may seem like a big task for the family members of the deceased. And in cases of a selfie death, the insurance company may get a lot more stringent and magnify every little detail pertaining to the death. This will make the entire process of settling a death claim a pretty arduous one for the family of the victim.

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How To Settle A Death Claim

Here’s a quick guide to understanding how your family can make claims on all Life Insurance policies under your name.

  • The next time you visit an exotic waterfall be sure to click snaps from a safe distance.
  • Think long and hard before you click a selfie from on top of a cliff or from a bridge!
  • And if you have a Life Insurance cover it’s probably best you read through the fine print and understand the various terms and conditions of what the policy covers.

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The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) reviewed its regulations on Health Insurance in 2016. However, it hasn’t issued any new guidelines on selfie death.

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