Off-Beat Monsoon Drives You Should Experience This Year

By | July 22, 2019

Want to feel the fresh dew drops of monsoon? Here are some awesome road trips you can take to experience the green season in all its glory!

Off-Beat Monsoon Drives You Should Experience This Year

Clouds, greenery, tea and snacks… yup, we’re talking about monsoon. Though the season can be enjoyed indoors, we highly recommend a long drive if you want to really take in the freshness of nature during the rains. Here’s a list of awesome monsoon destinations you can consider this year – we’ve handpicked some rather off-beat spots so you don’t need to worry about a huge rush of tourists; you’re welcome!

Tholpetty, Kerala

Most of India only recalls Cochin, Munnar or Allapey when one talks about Kerala, but god’s own country is much more than just that. Situated adjacent to Kutta in Coorg, Karnataka, is Tholpetty. A small little hilly town that harbours part of Wayanad’s wildlife sanctuary, this place is quite a sight during the monsoon, thanks to the thick forest cover. The drive from Bangalore is enjoyable, especially once you take the Nagarhole Road and traverse through the winding forest route towards Kerala – we highly recommend you keep your car’s windows open and soak up the monsoon freshness. Psst… you may spot some wildlife on the way too!

Satara, Maharashtra

If you live in Mumbai and wish to drive to a scenic place in August, consider Satara. About 250 kilometres away from Mumbai, this plateau turns into a valley of flowers during monsoon, and boy is it a sight to behold! As the pink blanket engulfs the greenery, you’re in for an absolute treat. Psst… Satara is also home to vineyards and forts, so it’s surely worth a drive!

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Mudigere, Karnataka

Located about 35 kms from Chikmaglur, this low-key hill town in Karnataka is a slice of heaven during the green season. You can get here in just under 5 hours from Bangalore. Not only is the route to this place scenic, but the destination is also everything you can ask for if you’re in search of peace. The place is home to a few home-stay setups that offer you a cozy fireplace and all the right ingredients to make monsoon evenings memorable.

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Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

While one usually thinks of Ooty and Kodai when it comes to hill stations in Tamil Nadu, there’s certainly more to be explored. Meet Yelagiri, a no-frills hilly town that is easily accessible from Chennai as well as Bangalore. While it may not boast the same altitude as Ooty or Kodai, Yelagiri’s charm lies in its simplicity. Plus, its accessibility makes it a very stress-free weekend drive. There’s plenty a trek you can take to reach the ideal sunrise/sunset spots, and in monsoon, you’re bound to see the place at its vivid best.

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Panaji, Goa

While tourists across the globe continue to flock Goa for its beaches during Christmas and New Year’s time, Goa’s off-season charm is supremely underrated. Spillovers of the Western Ghats give Goa such vibrant hues with mangroves that are filled to the brim and visited by many a water bird. Panaji’s trees get a beautiful makeover during monsoon and the city is possibly the best urban space to enjoy the calm vibe of the typical Goan monsoon rain. Sure, it may not be the ideal time to hit the beach, but when you have bird sanctuaries, rustic Churches engulfed in greenery and thriving lakes all in good proximity, you can have an amazing time during the monsoons!

Psst… here are some pro-tips to make your monsoon drive hassle-free:

Check the weather before you head out – you can certainly avoid flood-prone areas

Get your car serviced, double-check tyres, and keep documents like your driver’s licence and Car Insurance handy and updated.

Fill your gas tank with a Credit Card – you’ll surely save some bucks! You can also use your Credit Card to book your accommodation.

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