Offers On Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Home Loans & Car Loans

By | May 2, 2017

Offers On Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Home Loans & Car Loans

Summer is here! With temperatures soaring high, you need more than one way to keep yourself cool. Maybe retreat to a relatively cooler place. A Credit Card will certainly come in handy when you want to buy that return ticket. Or maybe just go all out, apply for a Home Loan, and get that summer house you’ve always wanted. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? If a summer house isn’t your thing, maybe you should just make the most of a Personal Loan and use it to buy an air conditioner. Can you think of a better way to beat the heat?

So, why are we telling you all of this? It’s because we want you to have only the best. That’s why we’ve put together some great offers on loans and Credit Cards just for you. Here they are.

Credit Cards

Come summer, winter or rain, a Credit Card is something you’ll carry with you no matter what the season is. It’s not only a great way to go cashless but also helps you keep track of your spending by means of an online statement. Remember though that with great power comes great responsibility. Hence, it’s important to make timely payments and not incur interest on your outstanding dues.

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Here are some Credit Card offers we think you might like.

SI No Product Name Offer
1. American Express Gold Card This card boasts a zero annual fee in the first year, is high on rewards, and you get two free supplementary gold cards.


2. American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card You get a welcome gift of 11,000 bonus membership reward point and no annual fee in the first year.

Home Loans

Are you tired of paying an exorbitant amount each month as rent? Well, just imagine paying that same amount or even less as the EMI for a place you can call your own. Wouldn’t that be great? What’s more, you also get tax benefits on your Home Loan! How delightful. So, don’t just sit there staring at the walls of your rented home. Check out these offers on Home Loans.

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SI No Product Name Offer
1. PNB Housing Finance Home Loan Under the Ghar Utsav scheme, you get a special floating rate for the first 12 months. Thereafter, the floating rate will be based on the prevailing Prime Lending Rate (PLR). This is valid for loans disbursed by 30th June 2017 only.


2. ICICI Home Loan 50% off on processing fees for loan amount > 20 lakhs.

 Personal Loan

Whether you’re renovating your house or planning to pursue higher studies or you just have some unavoidable expenses that have popped out of nowhere, a Personal Loan will rescue you. It is a great way to get yourself out of a financial soup because a Personal Loan is one of the easiest loans to get. Moreover, some of our partners offer paperless approval and instant decision on applications. That means everything’s done online. So, don’t sweat it this summer, check out these offers on Personal Loans.

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SI No Product Name Offer
1. ICICI Bank Personal Loan Rate of Interest for special corporates start from 11.59%.


2. Fullerton Personal Loan For all customers from select cities, interest rates start from 14% with a processing fee of 1.75%.


3. TATA Capital Personal Loan Zero processing fee. The rate of interest starts from 11.99%.

Car Loan

If you’ve been using public transport for your daily commute, you know very well that it isn’t alway the most comfortable mode of transport. Crammed and smelly buses don’t make for a very enjoyable journey, and in summer you don’t want to be sniffing a stranger’s armpit in one of those buses! Ew. Getting a car for yourself could make your daily commute more comfortable, safe, and an enjoyable experience for you. Check out this special Car Loan offer.

SI No Product Name Offer
1. Sundaram Finance Special offer for salaried people. The rate of interest starts from 9.25%.

Summers will come and go, but we bet these offers won’t come by again. So, hurry and make the most of it. And if these offers don’t excite you much, do take a look at our other products. We have a lot to offer you.

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