Paint The Town Red This Valentine’s Day!

By | February 13, 2016

Paint the town red this Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day, the special day dedicated to celebrate love, is right around the corner. Are you still wondering about what to gift your beloved? Running short of ideas and time? It’s a dilemma many of us face every year.

Well, here are some smart gifting ideas guaranteed make your partner happy. The best part? You can simply use your Credit Card to buy them!

De-stressing at a spa

A voucher for a day at your partner’s favourite spa or salon can go a long way in alleviating stress and even rekindle a little romance. Look online for some good offers and pre-book a spa session using your Credit Card. Help your partner enjoy a truly relaxing and de-stressing spa experience! We’re sure they’ll love this one after a tiring day at work – not to mention the brownie points you’ll score with your partner for such thoughtfulness!

Romantic dinner date

Remember all those times you’ve cancelled on dinners at your partner’s favourite restaurant because of that last-minute meeting at the office? Well, here’s your chance to make up for that and more! Even though your monthly budget looks slightly tight, you can always enjoy that long-pending dinner with your Credit Card. Valentine’s Day is that perfect occasion to make up for all those times you’ve goofed up. Make it count (with a little help from your Credit Card).

Couple enrolment at the gym

Okay, so your partner is a fitness freak and has been planning to enrol at the gym for quite some time? Well, this could be your golden chance to make your partner happy with that gym membership for three or six months, courtesy your Credit Card! And if you’re up for it too, then you might consider taking advantage of all those special rates for couple enrolments at the gym. What better way to rekindle that romance AND get into shape at the same time?

Movie date

When was the last time the two of you enjoyed a movie together without being disturbed by phone calls or the doorbell ringing? Take advantage of those free movie vouchers which your Credit Card offers to book a romantic movie date this Valentine’s Day and spend a cosy evening together.

Reward points galore 

Have you accumulated a ton of reward points on your Credit Card? Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity to redeem them and pick up something that your partner would love.  Reward points to score you some massive brownie points with the significant other! Now that’s smart.

A word to the wise: do remember not to exhaust your credit limit. A little budgetary caution never hurt anyone. Romance is perfectly achievable on a budget. All it takes is some out-of-the-box ideas, honest intent and a loving heart and your Valentine’s Day date is all set!

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