Parashar: A Rising Star’s Extraordinary Journey At BankBazaar

By | May 30, 2023

Discover the awe-inspiring story of Parashar, a trailblazer who has rewritten the rules of success. From her groundbreaking role as the youngest CRO to her stellar sport career representing India, Parashar’s journey is a testament to her determination and resilience. Armed with linguistic prowess and an unyielding drive, she is redefining what it means to excel. Join us in this exclusive interview as Parashar reveals the extraordinary stories behind her accomplishments and imparts valuable insights into her unwavering motivation. 

Parashar, your journey at BankBazaar is truly remarkable, and we’d love to hear firsthand about some of your most extraordinary achievements and accolades. 

Hello! I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity given to me at BankBazaar. I must say that my journey with this company has been truly remarkable. And the reason behind this success is BankBazaar’s strong belief in “Credit to you.” It doesn’t matter what position you hold or who you are; your hard work is valued and duly rewarded. 

You’ve achieved something incredible by becoming one of the youngest CROs in BankBazaar. We’re curious to know how you managed to reach such great heights at such a young age.  

On December 11th, 2022, I joined BankBazaar as an off-role employee, which was a significant undertaking for me since I had to move from a different state to Chennai. During my onboarding, I attended a training session that provided such a thorough understanding of the processes that I genuinely developed a love for my job. To my pleasant surprise, I received my first recognition and reward within just three months, and it was an extraordinary moment as it was presented by none other than Adhil himself. 

Parashar, we’ve heard whispers about your impressive tenure as the youngest Team Leader at BankBazaar. We can only imagine the challenges you faced along the way. Could you share your journey and how you triumphed over obstacles (if any)? 

This just reminded me of a quote that says, “A seed can bear fruit only when it is properly nurtured and watered.” In my journey, all my mentors played the role of soil and water, contributing to my growth and enabling me to achieve the position of the youngest Team Leader. Being a leader is not an easy task, as it involves more than just attaining the title. The true essence of leadership lies in having your team members stand by your side. I consider myself blessed to have had a team that consistently supported their leader, which helped me overcome numerous challenging situations.  

We’re in awe of your versatility not only in the corporate world but also as an international player representing India. It’s fascinating to see how you balance both your professional career and your passion for sport. Can you walk us through the exhilarating experience of juggling these two demanding roles? 

I have always had a natural inclination towards sports, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to represent India in throwball tournaments held in Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia. Engaging in sports has instilled in me the strength to persevere through tough situations rather than giving up. I must acknowledge that BankBazaar did not let me miss my sports too much. I am grateful to the HR team for organizing BPL-1, where I had the privilege of being a part of the cricket team. (By the way, I’ll let you in on a little secret: We won GOLD 🤭!) 

Your proficiency in multiple languages is truly remarkable. We’re intrigued by your journey of acquiring such a diverse linguistic skill set. How did you go about learning these languages, and how has this linguistic prowess impacted your professional life? 

I owe a big thank you to my parents, although they didn’t have an inter-state marriage (just clearing that up!). My family is originally from the northern part of India, which, inherently, gave me an advantage in Hindi, Bhojpuri, and Maithili languages. However, I was born and raised in Telangana, which helped me learn Telugu. Additionally, thanks to BB, I was exposed to Tamil. Having linguistic skills has boosted my confidence and greatly assisted me in my first role as a Customer Relationship Officer (CRO). It has enabled me to better understand the wants and needs of customers and effectively explain how our products can meet their requirements. 

Achieving so much at a young age requires an extraordinary level of motivation. We’re curious to know what drives you, what keeps you inspired, and how you continue to push yourself to excel in your work. Care to share your secret formula for staying motivated? 

I don’t consider my accomplishments to be extraordinary or out of reach for anyone else. I genuinely believe that anyone can achieve what I have if they are willing to learn. The key is to be a lifelong learner and stay updated. Now, here’s the secret formula (Psst…keep it confidential) – Never pass up an opportunity to learn, no matter the circumstances or timing. 

Maintaining a high level of motivation on a day-to-day basis is no easy feat. We’d love to hear some of the strategies or techniques you employ to keep that fire burning. Could you take us on a motivational journey and enlighten us with your tried-and-true methods? 

One motivational line that always inspires me is “Love your job, and it will love you back.” I have personally experienced the truth in this statement, as I have found that when I approach my work with this mindset, I feel less stressed and more fulfilled. Additionally, having a hobby or activity to engage in after work, such as going to the gym, participating in Zumba classes, or engaging in painting, can further contribute to overall well-being and satisfaction.  

Parashar, as someone who has accomplished great things, we believe setbacks and challenges are inevitable. Can you share a particular career hurdle that tested your motivation? How did you overcome it and come out stronger on the other side? 

At some point in our professional lives, we all encounter challenging days that make us contemplate everything, fuelled by frustration and negative thoughts. I, too, experienced such a situation, and I can honestly say it’s difficult to navigate. However, I was fortunate to have supportive colleagues who took the time to engage in meaningful conversations, offer valuable advice, and help me see things from a different perspective. I discovered that in about 90% of cases, when you approach situations with an open mind, they tend to resolve themselves naturally. This experience not only broadened my thinking but also contributed to my growth as a leader. 

Goal setting is an integral part of personal and professional growth. We’d love to dive into your goal-setting process and hear about a specific goal you set for yourself. Can you share the story of how you set that goal, the motivation behind it, and how you ultimately achieved it? 

Setting goals is crucial as it enables preparation and maintains motivation towards achieving one’s aspirations. Personally, I had numerous well-wishers who served as catalysts for me to establish goals and strive diligently to accomplish them. They assisted me in identifying my weaknesses and transforming them into strengths. Although feedback may sometimes appear discouraging, it ultimately depends on your ability to extract the positive aspects. I firmly believe that this approach has consistently proven effective for me. 

Parashar, looking back at your incredible journey and achievements, what advice would you give to aspiring professionals who aspire to reach similar heights and maintain a high level of motivation throughout their careers? 

There are two mantras that I live by: 

  • Never stop loving your job/work. 
  • Always treat others the way you want to be treated. (This advice is especially relevant for aspiring leaders.) 

I encourage you to give these principles a chance and see if they have the same positive impact on your life as they did on mine. 

Parting Note: 

As we bring this interview to a close, we are left in awe of Parashar’s extraordinary accomplishments and unwavering determination. Her story has not only inspired us but has also shattered the glass ceilings that once confined the realm of success

She has taught us that success is not merely defined by societal norms but rather by our own determination to push boundaries and create our own path. Parashar’s journey serves as a testament to the fact that with perseverance and a strong belief in oneself, we can achieve greatness. Her story will continue to resonate with us, urging us to embrace our unique talents and pursue our dreams with unwavering passion. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Parashar for sharing her remarkable story with us, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable endeavours that lie ahead for this rising star. May her journey continue to inspire and ignite the flames of determination in all of us. 

Remember, success knows no bounds when we dare to dream and persevere! 


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