Plan Your Next Trip With These Amazing Saving Hacks

By | January 12, 2019

Want to master the art of saving up enough money to have a great holiday? This one’s for you!

Plan Your Next Trip With These Amazing Saving Hacks

How often do you hear friends or colleagues talk about an awesome vacay they had and wonder if you could ever do the same? Well, quite a few times, surely! The question is do you just cave in by giving the usual ‘money problem’ excuse or do you actually take the cue from your friends and plan to save? 

Don’t put off your travel plans due to money – take the ‘now or never’ stance and plunge into some creative saving methods! 

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Focus On Your Needs More Than Your Wants 

If you’re a big spender, it’s time you create a spreadsheet and type in those magic numbers. Start making a note of your monthly expenses and see where you can start cutting down. This serves as a great eye opener and will help you prioritise your expenses.  

Do you really want that bottle of wine this month or another set of pants just because they look pretty? Think again.  

The idea is not to get wooed by the constantly teasing ads online and to focus on what you need more than what you want. This might not be easy, especially if you follow the ‘live for the moment’ philosophy.  

Saving takes determination and perseverance, but then all you have to think about are those beautiful snow-clad mountains or the balmy beaches or wherever you plan to vacay and you’ll know what you’re doing will all be worth it! 

Budgeting Your Life and Your Trip 

After you’re done budgeting your life by getting a grip over your recurring expenses, you’ve got to budget your trip accordingly. Now, of course, your budget will change according to the place you’re visiting and the time of the year, but you can begin by putting aside expenses for accommodation and flights. Make sure you get hold of the flights well in advance, especially if you’re looking to save money.  

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Your accommodation can differ based on how you are as a traveller. If you’re the typical backpacker, you’ll probably be comfortable even in a tent.  On the other hand, if you’re looking at something more exotic and comfortable, you better start saving fast and a lot! 

Keep a lookout for cheap and budget hotels. If you like to keep it basic, a hostel is ideal. But if you have company and want a little privacy, look out for some mid-range hotels or even an Airbnb home. 

Save More Or Even Go As Far As Making Extra Money 

Once you’ve budgeted your trip, the real trick is saving or making enough money. 

Apart from saving on recurring expenses like socialising or changing your wardrobe, you can save on some major day-to-day expenses too. Like food, for instance, you can start cooking at home. Choose healthy low-cost ingredients and recipes that are light on the pocket and keep you fit too! 

You can quit some other privileges like the renewal of your gym membership or even spend less on electricity by turning off the air conditioner when you don’t need it. 

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Now if you’re looking at a long-term travel plan, you might want to start making some extra money. Take up some part-time or freelance work. If you’re into writing, you could also earn while you’re travelling.  A course on monetising your blog should help you! 

While we’re on this subject, how about putting up a vlog? If you like the camera, get to work and set it on record. Travel vlogs are becoming popular and there’s a chance you could make some extra bucks by maintaining an engaging vlog of all your travels. 

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So you see, there are a gazillion ways in which you can have your dream trip just the way you want it! Want to put your savings plan in action? You can open up a Savings Account or a Fixed Deposit in just a few clicks. 

Oh, there’s one more hack that will surely help you save while you make your travel bookings… it’s a travel Credit Card! Get yours today. 

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