Quirky Money Making Ideas for College Students

By | September 24, 2015


There were not many options to earn extra money when I was student, but now I see tremendous opportunities for students to earn pocket money. Some lucky students have fathers with deep pockets but there are others like me who can’t ask their fathers for too much even if they wanted to. They find sources of earning extra money without compromising on their studies.

I used to work as DJ for marriage parties, sold computers and accessories at my hometown and worked as a part time tutor to earn those extra bucks.

There are so many more options available for you now.

Freelance Writing

If you can write then there’s nothing better than making some pocket money by writing for blogs and companies. You can earn from Rs 500 to 5000 per article and easily cover up your monthly expenses.

Internship with a Startup

You can earn good money and experience by working with a startup. The good news is that you can keep earning even after finishing your internship because most of the startups offer remote work. It is good for your overall career. A startup experience, short term money and remote work all add up to better chances at getting a full time job after your graduation.

Website building and maintenance

Every business needs a presence on the web and a lot of companies provide web services. You can start your own company or work with an existing company. The entire work can be done remotely from your hostel or home. You’d probably have to spend 10-12 hours a week. You can earn decent money if you can fix websites in PHP, Ruby On Rails or Java.

Freelance design work

You can help hundreds of companies make beautiful designs for their website, mobile apps, social media, and sales material. You should have a good understanding of UI/UX, and knowledge of tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. You can find work from many freelance websites or references from existing clients.

SEO and Social Media

This is very easy and valuable work. You can find a company which provides SEO services and find a job on a part time basis. There is plenty of work available in the market. All you need is an internet connection and willingness to work. I am sure you will enjoy the learning and earning process.

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