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Quirky Money Making Ideas for College Students

There were not many options to earn extra money when I was student, but now I see tremendous opportunities for students to earn pocket money. Some lucky students have fathers with deep pockets but there are others like me who can’t ask their fathers for too much even if they wanted to. They find sources… Read More »

Money Management Case Study: Contingency Funds

Ram prides himself on being up-to-speed in money management. Despite his hectic office schedule, he has managed to ensure health cover, life cover and investments spread across PPF, Mutual funds, and other instruments. He met his friend Mr. Kent, who is a Certified Financial Planner. With a glint in his eyes, he placed his balance… Read More »

The stock market and you!

Stock markets are in the news everyday and they make an excellent place for spiritual learning Whenever you think or talk about it or invest in the stock market, you would not normally look at the spiritual perspective Stock markets are about buying and selling, profit and loss, bulls and bears and anticipation While people… Read More »