REVEALED: Apple’s iPhone 12 Series

By | October 14, 2020

Apple finally announced its 2020 product line-up, revealing the much-anticipated iPhone 12 series, in a virtual event yesterday. Read on to get to know the iPhone 12 more.

REVEALED: Apple’s iPhone 12 Series

Even though there’s this menace of a pandemic with no end in sight crippling our day-to-day lives, businesses are slowly-but-steadily returning to normalcy. And, in their stride to normalcy, Apple finally announced, although a month late than usual, its 2020 product line-up – finally revealing the much-anticipated iPhone 12 series – in a virtual event yesterday.

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The big Apple announcement

All right, coming back to the big Apple announcement that happened yesterday. So, Apple finally announced the much-awaited iPhone 12 series via a virtual event. And this year, we’re gonna be seeing four different iPhone 12 models – the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Excited much?

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While it’s too early to get all judgmental about the new range of iPhones (they’re yet to hit the market!), let’s, for now, take a sneak peek into the highlights of the 12 range. So, shall we get started?

Getting to know the 12

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 range with its new flat-edged design (yeah, it’s no longer curvy) looks extremely appealing to the eye, doesn’t it? At least, we did think so. The Cupertino giant has also given ample importance to 5G support and performance this time around.

The big highlight this year, apart from the design change, is the addition of new colours. The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini will be seen in five colours – blue, green, red, black and white. And the 12 Pro models will come in four colours – pacific blue, graphite, gold and silver. Honestly, we are waiting with bated breath to see the blue variants.

All four new iPhone models are powered by Apple’s latest A14 bionic chip, which is also the world’s first 5nm processor. The Cupertino giant also brought back MagSafe charging for its new models. The new MagSafe, Apple’s magnetic charging brand, is totally designed for mobile (earlier this was for Apple’s MacBook range) and will allow you to easily connect your iPhone to wireless chargers, even third-party ones, that support it.

iPhone 12 and 12 Mini

The two entry-level iPhones of the year, the 12 and the 12 Mini come with a 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch display, respectively. The iPhone 12 Mini with its 5.4-inch screen has been specifically designed for those who still prefer compact-sized smartphones in today’s ever-expanding large-screen smartphone market.

There’s a Ceramic Shield (as Apple calls it) finish on the front screen glass for enhanced durability. The tech giant claims that this shield improves drop performance by 4x.

Both phone models also sport a new 12 MP wide-angle camera and uses Apple’s seven-element lens (which is a first). So, you can expect photos with more matter and better quality even in low-light situations.

The Pros

Moving on from the entry-level models, Apple also, as usual, announced their two premium models – the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max. Well, these are Cupertino’s premium offering, so you’ll get all the cool and fancy stuff. You can expect the best of everything – from performance and functions to design and durability.

The 12 Pro features a 6.1-inch display, just like the 12. The 12 Pro Max, on the other hand, has a huge 6.7-inch screen, which is Apple’s biggest iPhone screen till date.

The Pro phones boast a stainless steel frame for extra durability. Along with the wide and ultra-wide camera lenses and bigger camera sensors than before, the 12 Pro range also comes with a telephoto lens.

To buy or not to?

Well, this is pretty much the question on the minds of Apple fanatics every year around this time. And, like we mentioned this earlier, go ahead if you are able to afford it without getting into unnecessary debt.

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models are expected to hit the Indian market on the 30th of October. The 64-GB 12 Mini will cost about Rs. 69,900 – the cheapest of the lot. New purchases are also likely to include 1-year Apple TV+ subscription and three months of Apple Arcade free.

Quite pricey, isn’t it? Well, it’s pretty much expected from Apple. Since the launch event last night, netizens have gone cray-cray and social media is already flooding with memes and jokes as usual.

Anyway, new launches always mean a price slash for older models. So, if you’re keen on getting an iPhone, you may want to consider the iPhone 11 or XR or SE (for those of you who prefer compact phones). Also, there are a few amazing Android smartphones from the likes of OnePlus, Pixel, Mi and Samsung hitting the market in the coming weeks. Choose wisely and smartly!

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