Riots? Bandhs? Dude, What About My Car?

By | September 15, 2016


Sometimes living in India can seem like you’re always walking a tightrope. Except that the rope resembles a stick of dynamite that could go boom any second. Since the universe loves to mess with us, like a kid poking a chicken with a stick, every now and then a bunch of goons pop up during a bandh or a riot ready to pour a can of gasoline on the fuse, with you, unfortunately, caught in the middle. For some reason, these chaps seem to all share a penchant for setting our four-wheeled companions ablaze during times like these. It certainly gives new meaning to the term ‘Hot Wheels’.

So, what exactly do you do in this situation? You’re stuck in your car and you see a horde of pyromaniacs rushing towards you. Well, there’s only one thing you can do. You jump out and kiss your wheels goodbye.

As you make your way to safety, which in this case happens to be one of the million gaping holes in the nearest sidewalk, you see your beloved car go up in flames, eventually to be reduced to nothing but a pile of ash. There isn’t much you can do about it, but there sure is one way to cover your b….oot.

That’s right. Car Insurance. Luckily for you, it is absolutely mandatory for all car owners In India to acquire a suitable Car Insurance policy before they can put their GTA skills to the test. So, in all probability, there’s a good chance you already have one. Because if you don’t….well….you’re basically ‘jacked’.

What kind of Car Insurance can protect me against a raging mob?

Funny you should ask since a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy is just what you need, considering the present state of affairs. Comprehensive Insurance protects you against all kinds of man-made calamities such as riots, theft, strikes, accidents, vehicle damage, and even death. So, if you find your car being burnt to a cinder during one of the many bandhs that seem to pop up for whatever reason, you can be sure that your Car Insurance policy will be there to wrap a consoling arm around your shoulder.

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That’s a relief. But what Car Insurance policy should I go in for? I’m so confused.

We know it can get confusing since there are a ton of insurance policies out there and you just can’t make up your mind. Fortunately, that’s where we come in to help you find your way through the clutter. We’ve put together five Car Insurance policies that should be right up your alley.

  • Future Generali Car Insurance – Future Generali Car Insurance provides coverage against all types of damage to your vehicle, whether natural or man-made. With minimal documentation required and quick processing, you can acquire this policy without any fuss. It also provides the added benefit of towing assistance, in case your car happens to break down during an emergency. This facility could certainly come in handy if your car decides to give up on you in trying situations.
  • Reliance Car Insurance – If you’re looking for convenience, then Reliance Car Insurance certainly ticks that particular box. With no documentation required, you can get online and purchase your policy in an instant. The policy offers some great benefits like free roadside assistance, in the event that your car breaks down or if you meet with an unfortunate accident. It also covers you against any damage your car might incur while in transit, whether by road, rail, or any other means.
  • Royal Sundaram Car Insurance – While Royal Sundaram Car Insurance offers you roadside and towing assistance round-the-clock in case of a breakdown or accident, it also includes protection against any loss or damage to any belongings you may have kept in your car. If you’re caught smack dab in the middle of a melee and you need to leave your car and belongings behind, this insurance policy will ensure you’re covered against any theft or destruction of your baggage.
  • ICICI Lombard Car Insurance – Once again, high on the convenience factor, you can easily purchase an ICICI Lombard Car Insurance policy online and get it issued instantly. This policy provides for cashless servicing at over 3,100 network garages all across India and also offers accident cover for co-passengers up to Rs. 2 lakh. That’s something you’d certainly want to think about, especially if you drive around with your family in tow.
  • Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance – Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance offers cashless settlements at over 4,000 network garages all over India and offers many beneficial facilities such as round-the-clock roadside assistance, towing, replacement of lost or damaged keys and locks, and much more.

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If you’ve been watching the news lately while hugging your spare car tyre, take a deep breath and move down a few gears. With a good Car Insurance policy, you can be assured that you won’t be piecing your car together with Fevicol the next time a gang of hoodlums decides to use your vehicle for hockey practice.

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  1. IFSC

    This makes an interesting reading even for a reader who does not own a car !! but has buses and rails at his disposal without worrying for an insurance policy amidst all riots , bandhs and man-instigated natural calamities !

    Being honest to his description as an author, Nolan Lewis gives a witty style with cynical humor to otherwise not so likable topic !!


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