Rupeedo Stupido: Travel To The Past In Paper Town (Where It All Began)

By | July 21, 2018

Rupeedo and Stupido travel back in time and recount their troubles of living in Paper Town. But then something changed that turned their world around. Read on for more.

Nearly 10 years ago, our friend Stupido was spending his days living in a ghost town called Paper Town. Most earthlings had abandoned this town for Digital Town where paper was kept in museums as a relic of the past. Inhabitants of Paper Town had to fill out forms for everything they did. They even had to stand in long queues at banks, with piles of paper, to file an application for a Loan or a Credit Card. With forests disappearing and tree populations dwindling, paper had become a scarce and precious commodity.

For commoners like Stupido, affording paper for every little thing was becoming very difficult. He wanted to get a Credit Card to manage his expenses. But to even apply for one, you needed tons and tons of paper! Hope began to fade from Stupido’s life when one dark, stormy night, during his walk to the paper store, Stupido was struck by lightning.

The next morning when Stupido woke up, he thought he was at the gates of heaven. He was greeted by a bald man who was dressed austerely. He appeared in a hologram and his face beamed like he had endless wisdom. He introduced himself as Rupeedo.

The next few hours were all a blur to Stupido. Rupeedo walked him into a new world.  They called it “Digital Town”. Rupeedo told him that in this town, people didn’t need to line up in front of banks to get a Credit Card or Loan. All they had to do was fire up the BankBazaar Mobile App on their phones or get on the website and search, compare and apply for loans or Credit Cards in a single click! They could even open Fixed Deposits and make investments in Mutual Funds online at BankBazaar. And if it was Life, Health or Car Insurance that they were interested in, they could get that online in a matter of minutes. Stupido was awe-struck and simply couldn’t believe how convenient it was to access a financial product!

Ten years ago, like Stupido, we all were living in Paper Town. We depended on paper for pretty much everything – loan applications, payments, and even marriage ads! While this was happening, three inhabitants of Paper Town, who were tired of running from pillar to post to get a Home Loan application approved, decided to do something about this.

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In 2008, they came up with the idea of creating a platform that would remove all bottlenecks and paperwork from a Loan or Credit Card application process and from making investments too. They wanted to make accessing the right financial product as easy as possible for everyone.

Thus, BankBazaar was born!

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It’s been 10 years since and thanks to customers like you who chose us to apply for or invest in a financial product through us, we are completing a decade of changing the way you can search, compare and apply for the right Loan or Credit Card or make an investment in Mutual Funds or Fixed Deposits.

These 10 years have been a great learning curve for us and we still spend our days thinking of ways to delight you with innovations that simplify finance for you. On our platform, you can avail a majority of our products such as Personal Loans, Home Loans and Credit Cards using the paperless application process. Investments like Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits here are paperless too! And you know what else? You can even check your Experian Credit Score on the go, for free, on the BankBazaar Mobile App or website.

When we mean we offer the entire spectrum of financial products, we also mean insurance products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Car Insurance. Needless to say that safety nets like these safeguard your family’s future and ensure their financial stability in your absence.

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Why you should choose paperless?

According to a study conducted jointly by Google (Alphabet Inc.) and the Boston Consulting Group, the quantum of non-cash transactions within the country will exceed that of cash transactions by 2023. The report also projects that the digital payments industry will grow ten-fold by 2020. This is why we insist on all things paperless and instant too!

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With digital payment platforms abounding today, financial transactions have never been quicker, easier and more hassle-free. So, hop over and join us in “Digital Town” and get started with the paperless way of accessing financial products! And sing along a “Happy Birthday” song with us while you’re at it.

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