Spice Up Your Dinner Dates With A Dining Credit Card

By | March 24, 2019

If you’re looking to save on a sizeable chunk of change while trying to woo your significant other over dinner, then a dining Credit Card is just what you need. Read on to know more!

If you’re a person steeped in tradition when it comes to courting a member of the opposite sex, then dinner dates are probably high on your priority list. After all, the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and nothing sets the mood for an excitable night better than a scrumptious meal.

However, in this day and age, heading out for dinner can be an expensive affair, especially if you’re looking to make an impression by booking a table at a swanky restaurant. These days a dinner for two could easily cost you a small fortune and the last thing you need after a great meal are a bunch of waiters trying to revive you after you glanced at the bill.

But that’s where Dining Credit Cards come into the picture. With a dining Credit Card, you could save a ton of money every time you head out to eat since they offer great discounts and deals at various restaurants, food outlets and pubs all over the country.

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If that piqued your interest, here are a few dining Credit Cards that should be right up your alley:

This card is tailor-made for anyone who loves both food and travelling. Not only can you avail up to 15% savings at participating restaurants, but you can also earn air miles every time you make flight and hotel bookings. You also get complimentary access to select airport lounges across the country.

If you love travelling and dining with your partner, then this card is certainly worth your consideration. In fact, you even get complimentary air accident insurance coverage up to Rs. 1 crore with this card.

Sounds like a great deal to us!

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Here’s another great card for all you foodies out there. This card is absolutely jam-packed with rewards and will certainly ensure that you get more than you bargained for on all your dining excursions.

With this card, you get 10 points on dining spends during weekdays, so you can be sure you’ll rack up a ton of points in no time if you love eating out. And it doesn’t end there. As a joining perk, you get e-vouchers worth Rs. 15,000 as well.

And here’s the icing on the proverbial cake. With this card, you get 25% off on movie tickets at BookMyShow, Cinepolis and SPI cinemas.

Now you can regale your date with a movie before dinner for extra brownie points.

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If you’re really looking to up the ante when it comes to dining out, then look no further than the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card. Not only is it bursting at the seams with amazing travel and shopping related rewards, you also get a whopping 20% off at select partner restaurants.

Think of all the money you’ll save every time you whip out this card to pay for your dining bills and you’re sure to put your digestive system at ease.

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Now you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank the next time you take your date out to dinner. All you have to do is get one of these amazing Credit Cards or choose one from our incredible range and you’ll never have to worry about picking up the check ever again.

In fact, if you apply for a Credit Card right now, you could get yourself an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 2,000 on successful approval of your application. However, you’ll have to hurry since this offer only lasts till March 31st 2019.

Food for thought, don’t you think?

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