Stupido’s Cash-Over-Card Faux-Pas In France

By Kishore Sabareeshan | July 20, 2019

Credit Cards are much safer than cash when you’re travelling, and that’s exactly what Stupido learns from his smart friend, Rupeedo.

Faux-Pas France Rupeedo StupidoTravelling abroad? While it’s great to carry some foreign exchange for local expenses at your destination, carrying only hard cash may be a little risky.

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This is why it makes sense to get an International Credit Card. Not only is it more secure, but it also gives you a lot of conveniences like:

  • Complimentary lounge access
  • Discounts on flight and hotel bookings
  • Reward points with each purchase
  • Dining discounts

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Credit Cards are safe, not only compared to cash, but also Debit Cards, simply because of the following reasons:

  • Unlike Debit Cards, Credit Cards aren’t directly linked to your savings accounts, so nobody can debit your money directly.
  • Unlike cash, Credit Cards can still be tracked even if they’ve been stolen
  • Credit Cards are more durable than currency notes, which can easily be damaged by physical factors like water, rough use, and other causes.

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Now that you know how a Travel Credit Card can help you, here are some tips to keep your card and money safe while traveling:

Don’t Carry More Cash Than You Need

Don’t carry too much money in the form of hard cash as currency notes can be easily damaged or stolen. Instead, carry the recommended amount and use your Credit Card for any other expenses.

Note Down Emergency Bank Numbers

In case your Credit Card is stolen, you can always seek your bank’s help in tracking it, or at least blocking it. Before you leave for your vacation, note down the important customer care numbers so that you won’t have to scamper for a number if you lose your card.

Don’t Walk Around With All Your Money

While it’s only natural to be anxious about your money when you’re abroad, it doesn’t mean you need to carry everything wherever you go. Take the necessary documents and enough cash to see you through your day.

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