Super-Fun Ways To Make Extra Money!

By | October 11, 2018

Got a hobby that has the potential to bring in some extra money? Here are some super-fun ways you can make money in this day and age!

We’re all familiar with conventional ways to make money, but did you know there are some fun ways to earn a few extra bucks these days? If you know how to transform your hobby into a source of income, you can surely meet your savings and investment goals more efficiently.

Besides, doesn’t the idea of making money through an activity you enjoy sound exciting? Check out our list of super-fun ways to earn extra income!

  • Become A Youtube Celeb

Now, while going down this path won’t guarantee extra income, it sure does stand a chance. Today’s viewers are drawn by almost anything ranging from pranks and pets to parodies and music. If you’re interested in any of these genres, you can make homemade videos and put them up. If you have engaging content and enable your channel for AdSense, you can make money online, of course, provided your content gets you enough views.

A lot of people today make money online doing different things; some cook, some tell stories, some dance and some just react to other videos. For all you know, you can even try something nobody’s ever done before. After all, who knows what goes viral these days, right?

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  • Teach Art To Kids

So you’re a gifted singer, but you want to do something more with your talent that just keep it within the confines of your bathroom walls. You can always make time on the weekends to teach music to kids. This is a sure-shot way of making a little extra money over the weekend while still being totally engaged in your art form. Besides, teaching in itself can make you learn so much from the experience. Same goes for dancing, acting and the like.

With more and more parents becoming aware that their kids should engage in co-curricular activities, the demand for art tutors is picking up quite well, so keep your skillset well-sharpened!

  • Setup a podcast channel

Ever had a moment where you’re talking to your friends and you realise how much you laugh when you get together and talk about general life? Now, imagine how awesome it would be for complete strangers to laugh along with you? That’s sort of what a podcast enables. If your content is interesting enough for people to hear, you’ll soon find more and more listeners tuning in. Once your podcast gathers enough attention, you can surely look at ways to monetise your channel.

  • Bake and make money

Some of us have a sweet tooth, but only a few view baking as a craft. A lot of people in big cities have transformed their passion for baking into a source of extra income. Thanks to people seeking authentic home-made gastronomical experiences, the demand for alternative food setups has gone up. If you have the skills to whip up some yummy cupcakes and cookies, invest in an oven and bake your way into people’s hearts – if you enjoy baking, this is surely a very nice way to get some extra moolah coming your way.

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  • Sell your photographs

Got an eye for photography? Why not explore avenues that will let you make money out of your images. Today, there are tonnes of websites that invite stock images from people across the world. If you’re a shutterbug with a decent camera (it doesn’t even have to be a high-end full-frame camera), you can sell your photos as stock images and earn royalties from them – another weekend hobby that can really get you a few extra bucks.

Not comfortable selling your images online? No worries. Find a way to earn within your social circle. Say, a friend’s cousin and her husband want to get their baby photographed professionally. You can always schedule a shoot with them and give them good images in exchange for a reasonable fee.

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  • Write away, my friend

Do you have a way with words? A blog is a viable avenue for you to consider. Go ahead and write whatever you love writing about; as long as your content is engaging and well-structured, people will enjoy reading it. How do you make money, you ask? Well, you can always enable AdSense in your blog, and if your blog has a growing number of visitors, you’ll surely earn well from the ads you host. These days, you can also incorporate affiliate Amazon links into your website.

Oh, by the way, once you have a good content reservoir, you can always compile relevant articles and make an e-book. Once you list it on an e-commerce site, you’ll earn your agreed share of money from every sale that happens.

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  • Crafty with your hands?

The past few years have seen a rising trend for flea-market style fairs where people put up stalls to sell their hand-crafted showpieces or souvenirs. If you’ve always been good with craft and have interesting showpiece ideas, you can make a good number of items and consider having a sale even in your backyard!

These days, people make really cool showpieces even from scrap, so adding the eco-friendly tag to your items can also help you garner interest among shoppers.

Looking to do more with your weekends? Consider any of the above activities. As long as you love your art, you’re sure to have fun earning money through it.

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