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Reviving aviation sector-Impact on consumer!

The Indian aviation space has been in troubled waters, for quite some time now, and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The primary issue has been with the policies that govern operations in the sector, which have traditionally been shortsighted. A long term solution to sort out the recurring problems of the… Read More »

Steps to file tax returns online!

Despite the innumerable advantages of filing tax returns online, many people still take the tedious route of filing returns on paper. This is primarily due to ignorance of the simple processes involved in filing online. Most people are yet to develop confidence in the online system and try to avoid it year after year. However… Read More »

Investing in platinum!

Indian investors always had a fascination towards precious metals and stones owing to their hedging ability against the rising inflation and economic uncertainties. While investing in gold and silver has been going on, another investment avenue that is blooming since past few years is the ‘noble metal’ or platinum. Although platinum has a very short… Read More »

How budget 2013 affects the SME!

SMEs in India had a lot of expectations from Budget 2013 mainly because it is the last budget before the general elections in the country. Union Budget 2012 was considered as the most ‘anti-reform’ budget in the history of India. Given to the background of huge fiscal deficit, depreciating currency and sluggish growth, a non-trivial… Read More »