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Lack of clarity in service tax increase!

Lack of Clarification on the Increased Service Tax, Adversely Affecting the Budget of the Consumer The increase in the service tax proposed in the Union Budget, has taken a rather ambiguous path, leaving the restaurant industry in a fix   The Union Budget was a mixed bag, consisting of some very wise moves and a… Read More »

Special packages for backward states!

The Central Government Considering Special Packages for Backward States, Aimed at the benefit of the Masses   As the summer 2014 polls near, the UPA government is aggressively pushing for reforms and taking steps, which could contribute to its popularity. One move that could make a difference is being contemplated at the moment. The center… Read More »

Apple to scale up operations in India!

No More Second String Services to the Masses of India- Apple to Scale Up Operations in India, with a Higher Number of Exclusive Stores The Indian consumer has always felt a little underprivileged, when it comes to services rendered by the global technology giant, Apple. Apple Inc. is known to set performance and aesthetic benchmarks… Read More »

RBI quaterly review and the investor!

Amidst the challenging global environment, the onus is on the government and its policy makers, to keep India in a position that lures investors, both local and foreign. The supreme monetary authority of India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has indulged in rate slashing which has begun with a reduction of 25bps in the… Read More »