The 5 Best Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000

By | April 17, 2017

The 5 Best Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000

Are you one of those people who refuses to get on with the times and still cling to the last vestiges of the ‘good old days’? Yeah, we know how it feels. Everything back then was simple. More greenery, less traffic, cleaner air. But, you also had to put up with long queues at banks unlike now when you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card to make purchases or withdraw money in a flash.

And speaking of the ‘good old days’, do you also still prefer to use your landline at home, or your old, clunky mobile phone instead of keeping up with the rest of the world when it comes to phone technology? Well, all we can say is you’re the last of a dying breed.

However, if one of the reasons you still haven’t got yourself a smartphone is because you can’t really afford it, then worry not. You’d be surprised to know that you can choose from an incredible range of smartphones that would barely make a dent in your wallet.

And nowadays, buying a phone is as easy as buying a cup of chai from your local cycle-wallah. You don’t even need to pay the entire amount up front or run from pillar to post trying to get yourself a Personal Loan.

You can easily pay for the phone with your Debit or Credit Card, and break down the payment into easy monthly instalments. In short, you probably won’t even feel the pinch.

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Let’s face it. We Indians love a bargain. It’s in our blood. Even if the salary you earn isn’t anything to write home about, you can still take your pick from among these five amazing smartphones that you can purchase for under Rs. 20,000.

  1. Lenovo Z2 Plus

If you’re looking for a killer smartphone that can give you the dual benefits of optimum performance coupled with an affordable price then the Lenovo Z2 Plus should be right up your alley. This pocket-sized dynamite of a phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and a whopping 64 GB storage space.

And that’s not all. It also gives you 4GB RAM for an absolutely smooth interactive performance and a 13MP rear camera for all you selfie freaks out there. Although the touchscreen size, at 5 inches, isn’t much to write home about, it still makes this particular phone ideal for those who prefer something that can fit snugly in their pockets.

Depending on the storage space, you can buy the 32 GB version for as low as Rs. 14,999 and the 64 GB version for a shade over Rs. 17,700. If this doesn’t give you bang for your buck, we don’t know what will.

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  1. Xiamoi Redmi Note 4

If you want a smartphone that won’t constantly die on you during the day then the Xiamoi Redmi Note 4 will be the perfect choice. If long battery life makes you go all weak at the knees, then this phone is exactly what you’re looking for.

Amazingly, it can give you up to 48 hours of power as long as you don’t go app crazy. In addition to its stunning battery life, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 also comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and 4GB RAM that ensures solid performance throughout. Oh, and the 13 MP camera should more than satiate all you shutterbugs out there.

And once again, depending on whether you opt for the 32 GB or 64 GB model, you can buy this smartphone for a completely affordable price that ranges between Rs. 12,999 and Rs. 15,999 respectively.

  1. Nubia Z11 Mini

If you love taking pictures then put that century-old Polaroid camera away. It’s time to get a massive upgrade. The Nubia Z11 Mini should cater to your photography addiction and then some. This particular phone is widely considered to be the top camera smartphone in the market at the moment in the below Rs. 20,000 range.

With its powerful 16 MP main camera and 8 MP rear camera, you can be sure to get value for your money when it comes to high definition photography. While the phone’s display may be a bit small at only 5 inches, its Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 3 GB RAM and storage capacity of 32 GB should be more than enough to keep it purring along as you stalk your surroundings for the perfect photograph.

At Rs. 12,999, this is one smartphone that is sure to keep both your wallet and the budding photographer in you absolutely satisfied.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Max Prime

All you YouTube and video junkies out there look no further. Here’s a phone that will not only please your eyes with its excellent design and performance, but also its fantastic price as well. The Xiaomi Mi Max Prime comes with a massive 6.44 inch display and incredible 1920 X 1080p resolution that will literally make the visuals pop out of your screen.

In fact, this phone combines the best features of a smartphone as well as a tablet, making it a steal for anyone looking to kill two birds with one stone. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, 4GB RAM and massive storage capacity of 128 GB, this phone is a movie buff’s wet dream.

Not enough? Well, maybe its 16 MP camera and long battery life should be more than enough to convince you to part with your hard earned cash. You could pick up this beauty at prices ranging between Rs. 7,500 approximately and Rs. 19,999, depending on the storage capacity.

Looks like you’ve just got your weekend movie nights sorted.

  1. Moto G4 Plus

As cricket crazy Indians, we just love our all-rounders. There are few things more endearing to the baying hordes within the stadium than a player who bats, bowls and fields his heart out. Similarly, the Moto G4 Plus could easily be considered the ‘all-rounder’ of the budget phone world.

This sleek looking piece of machinery may not have any singularly outstanding features, but this is one instance when the phrase ‘more than the sum of its parts’ is completely apt. A combination of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 5.5 inch display screen with complete hi-definition resolution and 3 GB Ram makes this the perfect phone for anyone who isn’t a heavy app user, but is a stickler for consistent and solid performance over a sustained period.

With storage capacities ranging from 16 GB to 32 GB and prices starting at Rs. 12,999, the Moto G4 Plus makes for the almost flawless, low-cost, low-maintenance smartphone to keep you company over the next few years.

There you have it. Five excellent smartphones that are absolute value for money. However, if you suddenly happen to inherit a large fortune or win a lottery, you could up your game and pick up an iPhone 7.

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And if you’re still sceptical about wasting money on a smartphone, then here are a bunch of other things you can do with your money instead.

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  1. deblina

    You should have included Samsung galaxy J7 and LeEco Le max 2 in your list. These two phones are really good performers as compared to Nubi.

    1. Team BankBazaar

      Hi Deblina,
      Thanks for your feedback. The Nubia Z11 Mini’s camera stands head and shoulders above other smartphone options available at under Rs. 20,000. Many smartphone buyers tend to prioritize a good camera over other smartphone features. Keeping that in mind, the Nubia Z11 holds an edge over the J7 and Le Max 2. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that either of the latter phones mentioned aren’t excellent products in their own right.

      Team BankBazaar


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