The 5 Stages of Realizing You’ve Missed Your Investment Deadline

By | March 31, 2015

It happens. You know you are supposed to do it. You put reminders. And you forget. What follows can be frightening and downright hilarious for anybody but you. Of course, we have exaggerated, but isn’t that always more fun. So just like grief, missing the deadline to do your annual investments happen in these 5 stages:

1) Denial and Isolation

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Noooo. This just didn’t happen. I refuse to accept it. What do they mean when they say they won’t accept my investments now?

2) Anger


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Why didn’t anyone remind me, like it is their duty? Now the government will just eat away my hard earned money and I hate the whole world and I wish everyone would just die.

3) Bargaining

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I will invest 11 months before the deadline next year, I swear. Oh god, I will become an ideal human being and think of investments all day long. Just let this one pass.

4) Depression

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No hope left. It is too late. The tax monster will come and take my soul now and I will die some more. I just wanted to renew my contribution on time, but I guess it was too much to ask.

5) Acceptance

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This too shall pass. I fessed up and now karma is being a bitch. Oh well, next year then.

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