The Bright Side Of Staying Indoors

By | March 17, 2020

Missing the great outdoors during this time of isolation? It’s time to look inward (literally) and make the most of staying indoors; your finances will thank you!

The Bright Side Of Staying Indoors

It’s obviously difficult to ignore the negative aspects of a pandemic; there’s panic in the air. However, staying safe and indoors is a simple and effective way to not only remain healthy but to also minimise the effect of the virus. Also, now may be a good time to ask ourselves – is there any way we can make the best out of an undesirable situation? The answer is yes!

Below are some things that will bring in some positivity at a time when all of us surely need it. While everyone’s already familiar with the downside of not being able to travel or meet friends, here are some upsides to this whole isolation scenario! Read on to get your well-deserved dose of optimism; psst, there’s something here for your finances too!

1. You Don’t Need To Fuel Up Your Ride

With most companies taking the responsibility to prioritise the well-being of their employees, Work From Home has been the norm over the past few days. On the personal finance front, think about the money saved from not having to fuel up your ride or pay for taxi/bus/autorickshaw services. Boom! Isolation can be a great time to maximise your savings.

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2. You Can Cook More & Order Less

In any pandemic, it’s best to avoid restaurant food. So instead of counting on those food delivery apps, why not hone your cooking skills? You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to save at the end of the whole ordeal. Plus, you’ll have learnt or gotten better at an essential life skill; double win!

3. You Can Discover Free Entertainment Avenues

Grumbling about cinema halls and pubs being shut? Now’s a great opportunity to discover other ways of having fun. Sure,  you’re restricted to your four walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It’s time to dust off and pull out all your classic board games. Not a fan of games? Well, you can always turn to streaming sites and catch a good movie or documentary – so much good content is waiting for you!

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4. Analyse Your Work Productivity

With commute and ‘getting-ready’ time out of the equation, now can be a time to really shine when it comes to your work. You can invest the time saved in travelling to work in getting more work done.

5. Spend Time With The Ones You Love

Whether it’s your family members, your furry little pooch, or your pet cat, you can actually utilise this opportunity to spend some quality time together. Living solo? Now’s the best time to reconnect with an old hobby. Not only will this serve as a creative outlet, it’ll really add value to your life and well-being in general.

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