The Silliest Questions People Have Asked About Investments

By | April 2, 2015

Now we know that investments and all its how, when, what can overwhelm any regular Joe. Obviously, queries and doubts swirl around and finally take a form in people’s heads. And then they ask family, friends and any actual or supposed expert they can find. But nowadays, people turn to the internet for anything and everything. They ask and then some. But is the internet ready for their questions? We dug deep and came up with these absolute gems of queries about investments people have actually posted on Q&A websites.


Kareena Kapoor

I’m 14. I want to be an investor when I grow up.

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Manmohan Singh

I’m so tired of living like this. I did everything right. I finished school, went to college, got a career. Why can’t anything work out? My vehicles are always breaking down, my house is a dump, we never get a chance to save a dime. I’m so sick of it!!!!!! My childhood was dreadful. I’m tired of just breathing. I work, sleep and do it all over again each day. I just wish someone would let me work off some money so I can open my business. But who wants to give a complete stranger money? Ha! No one. I’m so over life.

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Alia Bhat funny

This is very simple. I have a plethora of genius ideas, apps in beta form & gadgets/gizmos that are waiting to be fully created. No rocket science here, you invest in what you like and we start on what’s guaranteed to be your greatest investment. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WANTS TO TAKE ZERO RISK AND REAP 100% REWARD?

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Narendra Modi

I’m just starting life. I want to get a loan. I’m renting the home and paying to own the truck. I wanted to get a loan to help me start something. I wanted to use the money to pay for what I need and some to invest- to get started, so I would have something later.

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Deepika Padukone Angry

..and still get a steady decent amount of return on a regular basis like monthly. I am not expecting to make a huge return but some return. I know stocks and mutual funds are an option but I am not interested in that. Some one told me about atm machines. Do you guys have any other option or idea. Thanks.

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Varun Dhawan Badlapur

(Yup, that is the full question. He/She was very concise and direct)

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Rahul Gandhi

The risk manager stopped trades based on negative info they received.

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Kareena funny

I’m 24 and I’m making over $1 million from the internet annually. I’d like my family members and girlfriend to think that I make roughly $100k per year, as I want to keep a low profile and spend my money on investing & scaling. I’m scared they’ll go crazy and demand stuff/money from me. What should I do?

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All questions sourced from Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Well, that was that. Has anyone asked you a silly question about investments? Do share in the comments section here.

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