The Ultimate Fitness Regime For Your Finances Is Here

By | January 20, 2021

Is your Instagram-feed filled with yoga poses and 1-minute plank challenges? Don’t let your finances miss out on the action. Here’s the ideal workout regime for your personal finances.

Get Financially Fit With These Money Management Exercises

If nothing, 2020 has made many of us work on ourselves. A lot of us have incorporated exercise into our lives because we’re starved for physical activity (thanks to the lockdowns we lived through!). We’ve also realised the importance of keeping our body (and minds in turn) in good condition as we go through this challenging year. No wonder all our social media feeds are swarming with home workout photos and videos!

While we’re talking exercise, why not extend its benefits to our money too? No, we’re not saying you should fill up a sack with currency notes and do a set of bicep curls; we’re merely suggesting a workout regime that can improve our finances the way exercise is improving our well-being.

Ready to flex up those money-muscles of yours? Let’s go!

30-Day Clear-Debt Challenge

Think of debt as unwanted calories. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clear as much debt as you can in the next 30 days. Workout a target amount that you think you can realistically meet, and make sure you set aside money through the month so that this can be achieved.


  • A good looking Credit Score
  • Peace of mind

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Yoga is all about flexibility and connecting your body & mind. Who says your finances can’t have a spiritual connection with you? As long as you can understand the value and appreciate what you’ve got, you’ll surely give money its due respect.

With the save-aasana, all you have to do is save at every opportunity and be flexible with your finances. Flexibility includes adapting to new situations, and given that this year is full of surprises, a little financial nirvana is what we could all use. So, inhale every opportunity to save and you’ll surely exhale prosperity.


  • A deeper relationship with your money
  • Financial adaptability

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Credit Score Muscle Mass Gain

Depending on where your Credit Score stands today, you’ll need to set a target score that you wish to achieve. How will you do this? By regularly monitoring your credit report and verifying whether you’re missing payments or crossing your ideal credit utilisation ratio. Think of this activity as a cardio for your Credit Score; keep it running fine and monitor the numbers – -you’re sure to see your Credit Score improve.


  • Better Credit Card & Loan offers
  • Better knowledge of how credit works

Frugal Fitness & Resistance

Food orders & online shopping purchases have gone up quite a bit post lockdown. While it’s completely fine to spend money on food to break the monotony, here’s an interesting challenge that will test your will power.

Try and go without any frills for as long as you can. It can even be just a week. During this week, your job is to fight every impulse to splurge and make practical decisions before spending money.


  • A wallet with 6-pack abs
  • Enhanced will power

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There you go, now go make an Arnold out of your finances!

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