Top 3 Investment Lessons From Your Beloved Pooch

By | October 4, 2021

It’s #WorldAnimalWelfareDay and there’s never been a better time to learn some of the investment lessons that the four-legged furry friend sleeping on your couch is trying to teach you.

Yes, we know you’re smitten by your pet dog. But in addition to the umpteen benefits of having a pet, our floofy friends also demonstrate certain habits that are utterly wise and we as humans are sure to benefit from.

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Those who have dogs as pets will be familiar with the many flexes and stretches several times a day, the perfect spot where your pet can be found sitting quietly to enjoy the warm sun rays, the warm and comforting welcome that you’re greeted with when you go home after work, and the never-ending antics.

  • Thoroughly investigate

You must have noticed that every time you introduce your dog to a new person, his or her initial instinct is to take a good sniff of the stranger. This is how your dog determines if the person is a friend or a foe.

Generally, dogs are well known for being jumpy. Despite their skittish nature, they take a moment to find out everything they can about a person or animal’s scent before interacting with them. Even though humans are known to be rational, it’s often easy for us to jump into conclusions, especially when it comes to investments and at the prospect of making big money.

A dog uses its nose to investigate almost everything under the sun. This highlights the necessity of researching and inspecting everything before making a financial transaction. Investigation is key when it comes to investments.

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  • Bury the bones

Ever noticed your dog burying a bone in your backyard? Most dogs are in the habit of burying bones. Interestingly, you’ll must have noted that he or she never digs them up.

This habit of bone hoarding is perfect investment genius. Haven’t you heard someone say, that it’s not about timing the market but it’s about your time in the market?

Your dog relies on a primal instinct to store food for the future. Likewise for us humans, it’s wise to put aside some dough for hard times. However, just setting aside a sum for future is not enough.

As prices inflate each year, your money, if not invested, keeps losing value. So, it’s necessary to invest your savings so that they can multiply over time and boost your money’e worth. And what is a better way to make your money grow over time, but investments?

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  • Stay invested

Have you taught your dog to ‘stay’? If you haven’t already, here’s why you should. Training your dog to stay in one place when you ask him/her to instead of scampering around can be useful in many occasions.

For instance, let’s say you’ve got guests over but they aren’t as comfortable with pets as you. So, you can train your dog to stay at one spot and greet people without jumping at them. This also comes in handy as your pooch will learnt to wait for the food bowl to touch the ground before digging in. This also comes handy when you’ve go to make sure they don’t scurry about while you’re vacuuming or sweeping the floors.

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Wondering why we’re talking about making your dog stay? Because, once they learn to be patient, they’ll stay even if there are distractions nearby. What do we humans have to learn from it, you ask?

For starters, we can learn how to be patient. Most often, investors are tempted and distracted from their long-term investment plan. Whether due to emergencies or market volatility, it’s easy for us to lose sight of our goal.

Money invested should be allowed adequate time to grow, multiply, and fetch returns. It’s important to stay invested and focused on long-term goals.

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Take these investment lessons from your canine buddy and stock away some dough for rainy days. If you’re on the lookout for financial products, go give us a try! We’ve got everything finance related right under one roof!

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