Top Reasons Why A Car Is A Great Investment

By | July 28, 2018

Fickle-minded about spending money on a new car? We’re here to help you decide! Read on to discover the various benefits you’re sure to enjoy as a car owner.

Top Reasons Why A Car Is A Great Investment

When you hear the word ‘investment’, a car is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, right? Well, owning a car is actually a great investment choice when you’re in your prime years. Not only will you reap the functional benefits of a car, you’ll always have a good asset in hand that you can consider selling when you’re in need of liquid cash.

If the heavy price tags are forcing you to put off your car purchasing plans at the moment, you can always opt for a Car Loan and plan your finances as per your convenience.  The benefits that come with owning a car are completely worth the investment, and with great Car Loans available at your fingertips these days, you don’t need to delay your plans any longer!

To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled the top reasons why a car is an investment worth considering. Read on!

Cars give you independence

Ever felt like impulsively taking off to the nearest hill station on a weekend? Well, owning a car can enable you to do all that and more! You also free yourself of scheduled timings that you’d follow if you’d be using public transport; with a car, you drive whenever you damn feel like it!

You can be of more help

Say you have a wedding coming up in the family. As someone who owns a car, you can be relied upon when it comes to getting things in place for the big day. Right from picking up and dropping your extended family to helping out a great deal with transporting goods to and from the wedding venue, you can contribute greatly!

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A hassle-free transport for seniors

It’s unrealistic to expect the senior citizens in your family to travel by public transport. At their age, they deserve comfort and convenience. When you own a car, you can assure them of safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Cars are equipped with reliable safety features

In comparison to public transport, cars are generally a safer option. They are usually equipped with safety features to ensure optimal protection even in dangerous situations. Another point is, of course, if you’re the one driving, you have control over your vehicle, so you don’t have to nervously hope and pray your rash cab driver gets you home safe.

Cars are handy for emergencies

Health issues can strike when you least expect them, and more often than not, they need immediate medical attention. Sure, you can always call an ambulance for critical situations, but what about issues that are not necessarily life-threatening but still need to be quickly addressed by a doctor?

That’s where a car can come in handy. Imagine you experience discomfort in your back (we really hope you don’t, though) in the middle of the night. You can always have a family member drive you to the emergency ward and help you get quick relief from pain.

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Shopping is easier with a car

Most of us do a monthly trip to the supermarket to pick up provisions and other necessities. Transporting whatever you buy is a cakewalk (or should we say cake-drive) when you have a car. Also, shopping usually involves making multiple stops around the city, and that’s where a car will save you from the hassle of convincing auto rickshaw drivers to drop you to nearby destinations.

Family outings are complete with a car

Want to explore a picnic spot with your kids or parents? What better way to do that than by hopping onto your own ride. This way, you assure your family’s safety and a whole lot of unfiltered fun thanks to the privacy of your car.

A valuable asset

Utility apart, a car can always be viewed as a useful investment. For instance, say you’re in need of cash; selling your car or exchanging it for a simpler model can help you meet that sudden requirement without much hassle. Even upgrades are smooth when it comes to vehicles. If a new model has stolen your heart, you can always exchange it for your existing car and get your dream wheels at a reasonable price.

Personalised commutes

Say you’re driving your kids to work and find yourself amidst a traffic jam. You know you’re going to be on the road for a while. You can always pass the time by listening to the music you like or keep your kids entertained by customizing your car with entertainment features– imagine how restless your kids would be when they’re stuck on the road in a bus!

Public transport can be unreliable

How many of us can recollect an unpleasant experience via public transport? Save yourself from the worry of hoping that your bus sticks to its schedule or lets you take a bio break when you need to; get a car and be your own road trip god!

Choices as per your requirements

Whether your need is safety, power or fuel-efficiency, you can choose from a variety of cars to see what suits your requirement. Car companies even offer eco-friendly vehicles which may appeal to you if you’re conscious about your carbon footprint.

Makes carpooling possible

What’s better than sharing a cab with colleagues who live in your area? Carpooling! Though a car is always viewed as an expense, when used wisely, it can really work out as a cost-effective mode of transport in the long run.

Myriad financing options

If the thought of going in for a car is worrying you financially, you can always consider a Car Loan. With the various options available these days, you’re sure to find a financing option that works best for you.

Apart from providing you the convenience of owning a car immediately and letting you pay in EMIs, a car loan also helps in building your Credit Score and rating. Another advantage of financing your car through a loan is that it gives you the flexibility of closing your loan earlier than the agreed date, if you wish to.

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No more tedious car loan processing

With leading online platforms such as simplifying the loan application process, you can put your idea of buying a car on the fast track; before you know it, you’ll have the loan amount in your bank account (assuming you’re eligible for one and have all your e-documents in place).

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