Travel Budget Tips for Solo Women Wanderers

By | March 1, 2019

Planning to celebrate the spirit of independence this Women’s Day by taking off on a solo trip? More power to you. Here are some travel budget tips that could help!

Travel Budget Tips for Solo Women Wanderers

There’s no doubt that travelling solo changes you. When you’re out there alone, you learn necessary life skills, become more responsible and also get better at connecting with people, because all these aspects of life are put to test when you’re on your own.

The fun part about any trip is, of course, exploring, experiencing, photographing and eating regional food! However, to make your trip a seamless one, you need to also chart out the ‘not-so-fun’ part of travel – budgeting. Don’t worry, we’re here to make it fun for you – the secret lies in simplicity.

Invest In Travel Gear

Assuming your wanderlust is not short-lived, you’ll probably want to go on a lot of trips in the future, so it totally makes sense to buy a top-quality backpack for your travels. Though the initial expense is high, a reliable backpack will offer you durability and reliability for years.

Apart from a backpack, you can also get some travel accessories such as trekking shoes, toilet kit, first aid kit and travel pillows – these will give you comfort especially on trips that are centred around camping and nature spots.

Book Transport and Accommodation Beforehand

While you may know a few people who can’t stop raving about how unplanned trips are the best, it’s never a sure thing. You could still leave room for a lot of impulsive travel while you’re at your destination. But when it comes to booking your stay as well your flight or train tickets, it’s always good to plan, for two reasons.

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Firstly, booking early usually gets you better rates, and secondly, who wouldn’t like to enjoy some peace of mind knowing that the logistics of their upcoming holiday is all taken care of; the only agenda is to go and unwind.

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Always Carry Enough Cash

Though the currency depends on your destination, remember that cash will always come in handy when you’re on the road. You can’t be guaranteed of an ATM at every nook and corner of small towns, so make sure you carry enough money in your wallet.

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Track Your Expenses

While this may be a little boring to you, it could really help you build an awesome habit for future trips. Try and maintain a log of expenses that you incurred on your trip; this will give you a good insight into your spending patterns, so that you can plan your future trips better if you feel your current budget is feeling a little tight.

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Identify All Areas Of Expense

This entirely depends on your destination. If it’s another country you’re eyeing, you need to figure out visa costs, foreign exchange rates, and much more. If it’s your first time in a different country, make sure you gather an idea about how much basic things cost there.

You may also want to factor in Travel Insurance cost.

Get a Travel Credit Card

Not only will your Travel Credit Card come in handy during your holiday (assuming that it’s an international one), it will also enable you to book your flights and stay at desirable and discounted rates. Many travel Credit Cards tie up with air carriers and hotel chains to give you awesome deals and discounts, so why not save a few bucks!

There you go – these tips are sure to give more power to you on your memorable solo trip! Psst… we recommend you get your bookings in place by going in for a Travel Credit Card!

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