Turn 2019 Into A Year To Remember With These Financial Products

By | December 26, 2018

2018 is coming to an end but don’t look at 2019 with trepidation. Instead, turn 2019 into a year to remember with the right financial products.

Turn 2019 Into A Year To Remember With These Financial Products

If you haven’t had the best 2018 from a financial perspective, well it’s time to put things right. With 2019 only a few days away, there’s no reason to look at the new year with trepidation based on how the previous year panned out for you.

Sure, we’ve all had our fair share of ups and downs, but what really matters is how we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep plugging away. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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To help you get back on track, here are three financial products that can certainly transform 2019 for you in more ways than one.

Credit Cards can certainly come in handy especially if you face a sudden financial emergency or an unexpected cash crunch. The great thing about Credit Cards is you can essentially make purchases now and pay later by a stipulated date. This gives you enough time to rustle up the funds required to pay back the amount you swiped your card for.

In fact, you can also break down large purchases into EMIs, which can make paying back your dues even easier. However, keep an eye on the interest charges when converting payments into EMIs.

Remember, if you do get yourself a Credit Card, make sure you use it diligently and sparingly. It can be a great way to build your Credit Score and can also be a great tool to make purchases conveniently, but going overboard with it can bury you under a mountain of debt due to the high-interest charges that Credit Cards usually come with.

As with all things in life, everything in moderation.

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If you’ve spent all of 2018 wallowing in debt, then a Personal Loan could be your way out of your financial quagmire. Personal Loans come with much lower interest rates compared to Credit Cards and they let you pay off the loan amount using a fixed amount every month over a substantial period of time.

Personal Loans can help you consolidate and pay off any major outstanding debts you may have, thereby enabling you to pay off your loan amount in monthly instalments. It also potentially helps you put aside some money for your savings, which otherwise would have previously gone towards servicing your other debts.

The great thing about a Personal Loan is you can use the loan amount for just about anything under the sun. You can use the money to consolidate debts as mentioned previously, renovate your house, start your business, as well as a myriad of other things.

In short, it could be just what you need to get yourself back on track financially in 2019.

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We hear you! You’re probably sick and tired of commuting every single day to work and back while dealing with cranky auto drivers and unreliable cab services. Not to mention they’ve all burnt a hole in your pocket due to the exorbitant rates they charge.

And even when you’ve tried to save some cash by hopping into a crowded bus, you reach your destination looking like you rolled all the way. In short, you’re fed up and you desperately need to improve on that aspect of your life.

Well, look no further than taking on a Car Loan and getting yourself a brand new set of wheels that will certainly give you peace of mind in 2019. By taking on a Car Loan, you can buy yourself the car of your dreams and pay back the amount in easy monthly instalments over a period of time that can go up to five years.

Time to head out to the highway in 2019 and feel the wind in your hair.

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If you’re looking for more financial products to make the most of 2019 and beyond from a financial standpoint we’ve certainly got you covered and then some. See you next year!

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