Welcome Kit For Those Starting A New Job

By | December 8, 2018

Starting a new job? Here are the must-have tips and hacks to make it smooth sailing right from Day 1.

Welcome Kit For Those Starting A New Job

A new job brings along with it a whirlpool of challenges. On one hand, there is an exciting array of things to learn and catch up on. On the other hand, there are these apprehensions of walking into an unfamiliar space, meeting unknown faces and dealing with a new set of tasks and responsibilities.

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It’s only normal to have multiple strands of thought running through your mind. Am I taking the right decision? Is it going to work out for me? All of us have experienced that cloud of uncertainty and doubt at some point or the other.

What’s the game plan?

Imagine the first year of your new job as the training ground for the years ahead. Start with the basics and then, gradually move on to the more complex aspects. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Beginner’s Bag: Level 1

Step In With Confidence

Get the pessimism out of the way. Find a way to channelise your doubts into something productive; something that makes you a little proud inside. Invest in yourself, buy yourself a good dinner, meet your friends…do what you have to do to get this right.

Do Your Research

Begin your journey by doing a thorough research on what the company is all about. Try to read about the management, its products, policies and customers. Before you walk in, make sure you are aware of your responsibilities and clear about the expectations.

Communicate Like A Pro

Didn’t quite understand what the meeting was all about? Don’t swallow your doubts. Instead, ask questions. Reach out to your team members whenever you run into something unfamiliar. It’ll help you learn the ropes faster.

Settle In

Organise your desk. In the next couple of years, you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Make sure it’s inspiring enough to spark your creativity. 

Mid-Way Jitters: Level 2 

Avoid Getting Burnt Out

Ever tried eating a burger at one go?

You know





The same applies to the job you are about to take up. Take it all in, but set your own pace. You will soon start to enjoy what you do.

Be A Team Player

You may be excellent at what you do but do you mingle well with your team? If you are someone who is fiercely protective about your ideas, take a step back and make room for constructive criticism. It’ll help you in the long run. 

Consistency Is The Key

If you have gone to a B-school, you already know a thing or two about discipline. For others, it is a lesson that is acquired on the job. Take steps to become more consistent in whatever you do. That way, you will build a reputation and your colleagues will learn to trust you.

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Final Upgrade: Level 3 

“Anything Is Possible When You Have Inner Peace.” – Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda

Discipline is one word that we had all learnt in school but erased from memory as soon as we entered college. Growing up is mostly about revisiting these timeless values and making sense of them in real-world terms. Whether it’s managing work, meeting deadlines or keeping expenses in check, a sense of discipline will help you keep ahead of yourself and make way for your long-term goals. 

Take Charge Of Your Finances

Some people start to plan their personal finances when they are 18 while some are clueless even at 30. It’s quite simple, really. More often than not, the earlier you start, the easier it is to attain your goals. With a strong sense of discipline, there is a lot you can do to grow your wealth. Right from investing in Mutual Funds for your long-term plans, to taking up a Credit Card for the occasional splurge, there is no dearth of possibilities here.

Gift Yourself A Credit Card

Go on that long-awaited road trip or buy that PlayStation you always wanted. With a Credit Card in hand, you will never have a dull weekend or have to worry about month-end blues.

Hold The Reins Tight

Spend within your means to steer clear of falling into a debt-trap. Before you make an expensive purchase, ask yourself if you really need it in your life right away or it can wait for another couple of months.

 Small Amounts, Every Month

With a Credit Card, you needn’t pay the entire amount at one go. You can pay off in instalments known as Equated Monthly Instalment or EMI. You also have the option of using ‘auto-debit’ where the bank automatically deducts the due amount every month.

Get Your Facts Right

Improve your Credit Score and you will have lesser chances of facing a rejection. Banks need to trust you as much as you need to trust them. As you work on your Credit Score, you will find access to doors which were shut before.

Check Your Free Credit Score

All set? Break a leg!

Remember that Credit Card we talked about earlier? When you are ready, visit BankBazaar to pick the one that’s made for you.

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