You Can Still Make The Cricket World Cup With These Financial Tips

By | May 25, 2019

Are you low on funds but desperate to head to England for the cricket World Cup? Follow these financial tips and you could soon be on your way to Old Blighty.

You Can Still Make It To The Cricket World Cup With These Financial Tips

Are you a massive cricket buff? Of course you are! Who isn’t in this cricket-crazy country of ours. You’re probably already dreaming of watching the boys in blue lift the World Cup trophy on your screen right? But wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you could watch them live and in the flesh?

Well, of course it would. But we hear you! You aren’t exactly rolling in cash to be able to afford all the flights, hotels and match day tickets. Well, what if we tell you you can still make it? If that got your attention, then all you have to do is take a gander at these financial tips we’ve put together for you

  • Apply For A Credit Card Right Now

Are the costs of the flights to the U.K putting you off from heading to the cricket World Cup? Well, there’s always a solution, and a Travel Credit Card could be just what you need to get from the comfort of your home into the stadium in no time at all.

Travel Credit Cards offer great deals on all things related to travel. Not only can you save on flight or hotel bookings, but you can earn reward points, which can be redeemed for air miles. These accumulated points can help you get all kinds of rewards like a flight upgrade or even free flights.

Many of these cards even offer free airport lounge access, so you can travel in comfort. And if that’s not all, with a Travel Credit Card you can even avail complimentary travel insurance that can protect you against loss of baggage, accidents and more.

So don’t hesitate. All you have to do is click here to check out some amazing offers just for you.

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  • Consolidate Your Debt With A Personal Loan

Alright, we get it! You already have a lot of debt on your hands and the last thing you need is springing for more money to get to the World Cup. Well, maybe its time you took out a Personal Loan and consolidated all your debt under one roof. Not only will this give you some breathing space since you will be paying off a fixed amount every month to service the loan, there’s a good chance it will also free up funds so you can plan your trip on the double.

Personal Loans come with affordable interest rates and very reasonable repayment tenures. In fact, getting one is incredibly easy and hassle-free, so you can head on over to England safe in the knowledge that time is on your side when it comes to paying back what you owe.

  • Cash In On Your Assets And Investments

We understand if you’re really, really desperate to head to the World Cup. After all, it comes around only once every four years. However, if you’re short of funds, then this may be a good time to cash in on some of your investments so you can get a quick cash injection that can help you on your way.

If you have any stocks or shares, now could be the perfect time to check whether you can sell them for a good price. Who knows? Maybe you have some shares lying around that you bought back in the day but completely forgot about. There’s a chance their value may have risen tenfold over the years, which means you’re probably sitting on a veritable gold mine.

And if that doesn’t work, you can always turn to the tried and tested method of selling some of your assets to raise funds. Have a garage sale or sell things you don’t really need through any of the online personal selling platforms. You could sell old furniture, electronic items, household items or maybe even a vehicle that you don’t use much.

All you need to do is make a list of what you think is expendable. You could even host a virtual garage sale through any of your social media profiles. The possibilities are endless.

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There you have it! Time to get off your couch and get cracking. The action starts on May 31st and carries on for a whopping month and a half, so you still have time to get to England before the big guns really start firing.

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