4 Life Events Indians Spend Way Too Much Money On

By | September 13, 2015

Bride and Groom with money

We Indians are an interesting lot. On one hand, we can challenge any superhero when it comes to squeezing savings out of thin air, having done PhD in Kanjoos-onomics. But when it comes to life events, we develop extra deep pockets with an unending supply of money to celebrate and more. Let’s take a look at some of them then, shall we?

1. The Baby’s 1st Birthday

Baby crying in a birthday party

We bet you have been to atleast one such grand birthday celebration featuring a tiny bawling baby frightened by the aggressively dancing guests and insanely loud music. The parents’ wish to have a big party, to announce to the world that their kid has progressed from making goo-goo sounds to saying blurb, ends up with a huge cake, drinks (how responsible), a terrified toddler and a genormous bill. Just 2 questions. What’s wrong with a traditional homely ceremony? And will the baby even remember?

2. Pre-Wedding Antics

Couple against a green backdrop

Now this is a recent phenomena. As if having a big fat Indian wedding isn’t enough, couples today are doing weirdly themed photo-shoots in public parks, which unless done by an unsuspecting photographer friend, cost a bomb. And don’t even get us started on those fancy invitations that have cards laced with gold/silver/unaffordable metal, custom-made chocolates, honey, exotic tea bags, fancy stationery and butterflies (can happen guys!).

3. THE Wedding

Lavish wedding ceremony

Image Source: Wedding Twinkles

Oh boy! Where to start on this topic. We, as a nation, have progressed from The Big Fat Indian Wedding to, frankly speaking, The Big Obese Indian Wedding. Couples and their parents and their relatives now think of shaadi as the ultimate display of wealth. From deseigner lehengas costing lakhs, to a food spread that would put an African nation to shame, to paying Shah Rukh Khan insane amounts to shake a leg before the baraatis, the wedding hysteria has officially reached crazy levels.

4. Phoren Trips

Indian tourist couple clicking a picture in London

Now travelling is an absolutely noble activity. But ever since Yash Chopra sent chiffon clad starlets waltzing onto our silver screens, travel lust has peaked. So much so, that people have resorted to taking personal loans to fly out to exotic locations. With daily bombardment of Facebook photos and Instagram shots of beach frolicking and mountain climbing and resort relaxing friends and family, FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) is pushing sensible people to book super-expensive flights, luxury hotels and what not.

We are sure there are many more entries that can be filed under the overstuffed folder that is Indians and their overspending ways. And although “but we are like this only” explanation hardly justifies these above mentioned spending, you definitely do not want to join these ranks and lower your bank balance. So save smart and celebrate wisely.

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