5 Cheap and Quirky Honeymoon Destinations

By | September 12, 2015

After spending all that money on your wedding, you’re obviously not too keen on taxing your savings account any further.

Despite that, it’s your honeymoon! Of course it’s got to be memorable.

Here are some quirky honeymoon destinations that are easy on your pocket but beautiful nonetheless.


1. Kudle Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka


Source: amberbeserra.wordpress.com

Not only do you get to live right next to the beach, you get to live in a one room shack where you can’t escape each other, even if you wanted to.

There are amazing sunrises, foreigners in bikinis (if you’re into that kind of thing), midnight beach walks and some fantastic coastal food.

The shack will turn out cheaper than you spend on getting there and there’s the added plus of getting sand everywhere. You might find sand in your pockets even months later, and that’s a good thing as it serves as a reminder of frolicking with the dolphins.


2. Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir

Houseboats, Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir State; India.

Source: blaineharrington.photoshelter.com

Ah! Beautiful Kashmir.

But staying there could turn out to be expensive. Why don’t you try to build your own houseboat?

We’re serious! You could get hold of one that’s not doing too well and spend time repairing it.

Hear us out.

Not only do you get to stay on the lake, but you also literally find out how well you two work together (fingers crossed for positive results).

There’s no satisfaction better than what your hard work has created. We hear marriage is hard work too.


3. Maharashtra’s Coastline


Source: mmauchline.wordpress.com

Not only is it a beautiful drive (one spot requires you to ferry your car across) but you get to eat some exquisite Malwani cuisine. If you like your food spiced up, you’re in luck.

The homestays on the way bring you a dish right from their kitchen with freshly caught prawns.

And don’t worry about the rooms. They have special bridal rooms way out in the fields. There’s nothing like being surrounded by nature with thigh high wheat and the possibility of snakes being the third, or fourth wheel in your honeymoon.


4. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Group of Friends in Manali

Source: grabtrend.com

Manali gets you up close and personal with the Himalayas. The beautiful views come with the cold that gives you a thousand reasons to cuddle.
But the best part of Manali is playing out your favourite scenes from Bollywood movies. You may not be able to cosy up to your star crush but you can make your honeymoon feel that way for sure. No one is going to judge you if you suddenly break into song. The number of movies that have been shot there definitely call for it.
Live out your Bollywood dream.


5. Goa


Source: holidayhomegoa.com

The most popular destination of all! There’s no way we could leave it out of this list. Goa comes with its unique cuisine and even more unique history. Architecture, historical spots, beaches, parties, good food, waterfalls and long drives; you’re entirely covered.
You can join a myriad of other honeymooners on the cruise ship as you dance to some groovy tunes. You can book a tour bus with all the new friends you make and get some great bulk deals on the water sports. Maybe a mass honeymoon will save you a lot of money.


6. Your Bedroom


Source: Cosmopolitan

Of course it’s the best place to be; especially if you don’t plan to leave it for a couple of days.

You can set it up real pretty with a couple of DIY projects. Move the furniture around, get new lacy curtains, buy satiny bed covers and remember, there can never be enough fairy lights to give it that romantic feel. Fairy lights in bottles, fairy lights on your walls, fairy lights on your bed posts and windows; there are NEVER ENOUGH fairy lights!

It still turns out cheaper than a bridal suite in a fancy shmancy hotel.


Make sure you get all the pictures you can so that you can have #onpointhashtags, and your friends don’t miss out on all the fun you had.
In case your budget gets stretched by even a tad bit, make sure you have your credit card handy. It’s worth all the pictures of course!


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