4 Ways to Track Your Credit Card Expenses

By | November 7, 2015

Track your Credit Card Expenses

In the world of money, Credit Cards are perhaps the most misunderstood. Why though? Why do Credit Cards have such a bad reputation? Maybe because debt is always frowned upon and using any money that isn’t your money is not considered a good idea.

However, it is also a fact that we ‘fear’ things that we don’t understand. Much has been said about Credit Cards but very less has been understood. One major concern about owning one is losing track of expenses.

Your shopaholic sense tingles every time you hold a Credit Card and the rest is a big blur of shopping bags and lost receipts. It’s a common phenomenon, don’t worry! Let’s take care of that, shall we? Read on:

Text Message/ Email Alerts:

* These alerts are ideally designed to detect any sort of fraud or unusual activity on your card but can also can help you track your spending habits

* Such messages should not be disregarded and given a quick glance, at least

* Checking your messages and email regularly is key

Go Online:

* Scouring your statement every month is a great idea but going online and checking out your recent transactions is a healthy habit

* Very important – register for online banking

* Ensure that your login credentials are easy to remember

Double Trouble:

* Things just might get all that more complicated if you have more than one Credit Card

* Requesting your respective banks for payment due dates that are far apart from each other helps

* The differing dates will help identify the cards and your usage will be controlled too

Tech Talk:

* A smartphone can be the answer to all your woes

* There are lots of Apps available for you to download

* These Apps help you track all your expenses, warn you when you exceed your budget and have a host of other features

Apart from these, there are certain things that are really up to an individual. A careful eye and pro-activeness when dealing with anything related to Credit Cards can go a long way in making sure that you know exactly what’s happening on Credit Cards.

One important thing about using your Credit Card quite a bit is going over your limit – usually the charges are quite high when this happens. More reason to keep a track, no?

Now that we’ve taken care of your biggest concern, check out our offers on Credit Cards. We’ve got plenty!


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