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4 Ways to Track Your Credit Card Expenses

In the world of money, Credit Cards are perhaps the most misunderstood. Why do Credit Cards have such a bad reputation? Maybe because debt is always frowned upon and using any money that isn’t your money is not considered a good idea. However, it is also a fact that we ‘fear’ things that we don’t understand. Much has been said about Credit Cards but very less has been understood. Let’s take care of that, shall we?

When It Comes To Financial Planning, Confucius Say…

Well, when we conversed with him, Mr. Confucius was confounded when confronted with the conundrum of Financial Planning. Confused? Let’s face it. It was a different world then. Insurance as a product probably didn’t exist (if you don’t count daylight robberies); so, checking your life insurance options was probably unheard of. Land was conquered, not bought using loans;… Read More »