5 Reasons Why Personal Loans are the Way to Go

By | September 3, 2015

Show me a person who doesn’t need some extra cash once in a while and I’ll show you a cow that speaks French. Wait, what? 4 reasons why Personal Loans are the way to go:

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Easy Availability
When in need of urgent funds, personal loans can be cleared as soon as one working day, provided all the documents are in place. The options are endless as all public and private sector banks along with various non-banking financial institutions offer personal loans. Intriguing, no?

To Each Their Own
Personal loans are available from as low as Rs 15,000 to Rs 10, 00,000 and beyond, depending on the bank. The wide range of funds means applicants with varying financial needs can apply. Nice!

Personalized Schemes
Both banking and non-banking financial institutions offer various personalized personal loan schemes for their clients at regular intervals. Personalized schemes are usually offers for government employees and working professionals, offering them lucrative interest rates for personal loans.

As You Like It
Funds acquired from Personal Loans can be used as per the wishes of the customer. Still wondering why it’s so popular?

No Collateral and Less Paperwork
Personal loans are quick and easy simply because they do not require elaborate paperwork. Being an unsecured loan, theydo not require any collateral or security. One word – convenient!

If you’re up for it, take a look at our offers on Personal Loans. We’ve simplified the process for you. Cheers!

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