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4 ‘I’s to avoid Personal Loan Rejection!

Planning to apply for a Personal Loan in the midst of a financial emergency? We hope you have done your homework well. If not, here’s some help. Make sure you know these four important ‘I’s before you apply for your Personal Loan to avoid rejection of your application. Don’t forget that a rejected application will negatively affect your Credit Score!

Advantages of Personal Loans

Are you facing a cash crunch, don’t have any assets but have a Credit Card? A Personal Loan is probably a good idea for you. Yes, we know your Credit Card offers you a cash withdrawal amount. But remember, making a cash withdrawal on your Credit Card works out to be more expensive than a Personal Loan. Read on to see why a Personal Loan is a good idea.

Common Personal Loan myths busted!

A personal loan is a saviour when you need short term liquidity, don’t you agree? The hassle free application process and quicker disbursement has made personal loans the choice and millions. Despite its popularity, certain myths about personal loans make it look like a debt trap as people don’t bother to confirm these misconceptions. Let’s clarify them for you so you know the facts and you know exactly what you’re getting into when you apply for a personal loan.

4 Pointers You Need for Your Personal Loan

Bet you didn’t know this about Personal Loans! A few pointers you absolutely need. Apply Now When you need financial support in the fastest possible way, a Personal Loan is your best bet. A popular choice for most, they are a boon given the short processing period.  Also, if your financial management has been good,… Read More »

5 Reasons Why Personal Loans are the Way to Go

Show me a person who doesn’t need some extra cash once in a while and I’ll show you a cow that speaks French. Wait, what? 4 reasons why Personal Loans are the way to go:   Get a Quote! >> Easy Availability When in need of urgent funds, personal loans can be cleared as soon as… Read More »

4 Must Follow Rules for Personal Loans

Applying for a Personal Loan should always be a well-informed decision. A small oversight could harm your finances a great deal. We’ve got you covered. Apply Now Here are a few thumb rules: Keep Your EMIs Low Keep your EMIs as low as possible so that it doesn’t take up a major chunk of your… Read More »

Are you Eligible for that Personal Loan?

Do you have it in you? We’re talking about Personal Loans, of course! Before your plans take shape and you think of ways to use that money, there’s something really important you need to remember. Let’s talk ELIGIBILITY!   Get a Quote! >> How Old Are You? Salaried individuals need to be between the age of… Read More »

How Interest is Calculated on Personal Loans

Perhaps the most vital information you seek before applying for a Personal Loan, “How much interest will I pay?” Here’s how the interest on your Personal Loan is calculated. <Apply Now>                                                                    Monthly Income There’s a definite relationship between your salary and interest rate. If you make less than Rs.35, 000 per month, the interest you… Read More »

4 Great Reason You Need a Personal Loan

In all fairness, there’s no limit to the number of ways a personal loan can be put to use. We’ve done a fair bit of research for you. Here’s what we found:   Get a Quote! >> 1) Consolidating Smaller Debts Usually credit cards carry a higher rate of interest that personal loans. Many people opt… Read More »

All You Need to Know about Personal Loans

When we don’t know much about something, it makes us nervous. A Personal Loan for the credit worthy is indeed a boon in the hour of sudden need.  Most of us are quite reluctant about any kind of borrowing. Understand your Personal Loans better. Here’s all you need to know: EMI and Tenure EMI (Equated… Read More »