5 Work-From-Home Essentials

By | July 8, 2021

It may be a while before we return to our offices in full team strength. Here are 5 essentials that can help you with your WFH setup at home. 

With the pandemic being far from over, it’s unlikely that we will return to our offices in full team strength anytime soon. For many of us, the WFH transition came not without its share of challenges – those living in PGs or rented accommodation might find it super hard to identify a dedicated space for a WFH setup. Likewise, many can’t also afford the luxury of turning a study room into a home office. Given the lack of an alternative in this situation, the only way out is to stock up on things that you absolutely can’t do without while you’re WFH. Here are five essentials that you’re going to need for a WFH setup or if you’re just looking to give your existing setup some much-needed facelift:

1. Wi-Fi Booster

In India, finding a decent Wi-fi service provider is as tough as cracking the UPSC exams! In a WFH setup, frequent power outages and interrupted Wi-fi connectivity are challenges that you can surely count on. In fact, even a Wi-fi connection in perfect working condition may still not be enough! If your WFH spot is far from the router, weak Wi-fi connectivity can ruin your video meetings/calls. This is when getting a Wi-fi booster helps. It’s easy to fix and doesn’t take much time to fire up. Depending on the range that you’d want the booster to cover, a Wi-fi booster can cost you anywhere from Rs. 1,300 to upwards of Rs. 7,000.

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2. Headphones or earphones

Calls are going to become par for the course during WFH. Many find it easier to quickly discuss a task over call than type out a long essay and waste crucial time. This is when a good pair of headphones/earphones come in handy. Turning up the volume of your computer during calls or speaking loudly on the phone can disturb others around you especially if they’re also WFH as you. Noise-cancelling ones are even better for when Mom decides to turn on the vacuum cleaner during one of your calls, you can continue with your call without any embarrassment.

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3. Laptop Stand

This is a must buy for those suffering from neck soreness or back pain. Sitting in one position for a long stretch can put tremendous strain on these sensitive areas. A laptop stand is perfect that you can attach either to the bottom of your laptop or use as a stand for your laptop particularly on those days when you don’t feel like sitting and working after a heavy snack or lunch. Laptop stands come in a variety of forms – from foldable laptop stands to adjustable plastic laptop holders. Then there are some that can hold up to two monitors, a laptop, a keyboard etc.

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4. Backrest Or Chair

This is the other thing that you’ve been using as much as your laptop. Investing in a good backrest or chair that offers good lumbar support and disperses pelvic pressure can do wonders for your back. A good backrest that can be fixed to your current chair or an ergonomic chair can go a long way in correcting your sitting posture and help ease any back pain that you may have.

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5. Docks And Hubs

If you’re using multiple monitors or charging your phone or laptop all at the same time, this is an essential. A dock or hub can help you connect everything to one system or switch between computers with just one cord. Too many wires on the floor or a desk can be a safety hazard for children and pets

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