Happy 13th To Us!

By | July 31, 2021

Bring out the cake, confetti, and streamers. Because it’s our birthday! As we turn 13, it’s time to pause and thank those who made it possible for us to get here – YOU!

Yay! It’s our birthday!

As we turn 13, we can’t help not reminisce about the incredible journey we’ve had so far in making access to financial products a seamless, 100% safe and rewarding reality for so many of you. While we’re immensely proud of our team in helping us get this far, customers like you have played an equally important role in pushing us to think of new ways to disrupt and revolutionise the fintech industry in India. With industry-first innovations like paperless application process and now 100% contactless access to products in our arsenal, we’re excited about where this journey takes us in the coming years. Here’s to another 13 years and more!

All About Our Contactless Process

The pandemic has forced many of us to rethink ways we go about our daily lives – from grocery shopping to eating out. While some of these changes didn’t take very long to adapt to – thanks to online payments – when it comes to our finances though, we still tend to think old-school. A fully digital, contactless way of accessing financial products has always been our vision and last year because of the pandemic, we got an even bigger impetus to turn this dream into reality.

You may have heard of ‘contactless delivery’ when it comes to food and grocery delivery apps, but wondering how it works for financial products on BankBazaar? Well, here you go: once you’ve selected a Credit Card or Personal Loan, you’ll do your KYC completely online, either via e-KYC, CKYC (or centralised KYC) or v-KYC (or video KYC). Aadhaar verification, address verification, etc. will take place online. No physical meetings with bank representatives, and no physical documents or signing required. Easy, no?

We may have just turned a teenager, but when it comes to your finances we are quite the pro. There’s never been a better time to get a Credit Card – it can serve as a cash reserve during emergencies and can even be used to make online payments. Try our 100% online, contactless process to get a card from the comfort of your home and without having to meet with a bank representative.

Just click the link below to check your eligibility and start your application. Stay safe.

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