Affordable Ways To Beat the Summer Heat

By | March 23, 2019

Summers can be rough, but there are ways you can beat the heat and stay cool… and yes, without busting the bank!

Affordable Ways To Beat the Summer Heat

It has become second nature to imagine an air-conditioner when we think of a respite from the summer heat, but there are simpler, cheaper ways you can survive summer. Staying cool during hot seasons is not only good for health but also mentally refreshing, and it’s surely not just about getting an AC unit installed at home. Sure, you can always get a Personal Loan or Credit Card and get AC units on a comfortable EMI plan, but the below points are completely pocket-friendly.

Read on to find out some awesome yet basic ways to enhance your comfort during summer.

The Art Of Cross Ventilation

Even basic things such as opening your window require practical thought. During the summer, you may not get cool air by just opening a random window; you need to learn how to create a cross-draft. What’s that? Well, it’s simple, really. Go to your room and try this:

Open one window on one side of the room. Now, move to the other side of the room and open a window there too. This will allow more fresh air to move through your room!

Use Your Curtains

Besides giving you privacy, curtains can also come in handy when sunlight is entering your living space. Direct sunlight can easily increase the temperature inside your room, so it’s best you draw your curtains and minimise the impact. If you have a yard, you can always plant some trees that will naturally block direct sunlight and also contribute to more fresh air.

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Switch Off Home Appliances

Surely, many of us are guilty of leaving appliances on even when they are not in operation. Now, while this doesn’t sound too critical, appliances let out radiant heat while they’re technically still switched on, however energy efficient they may be. The rule here is easy; just switch off everything you aren’t using – this will help you reduce the heat inside your home.

How About A Scottish Shower?

A trend that got famous thanks to James Bond’s novels, the Scottish shower is nothing but a warm shower that ends with a quick rinse under freezing cold water. Not only will this bring down your geyser use but also lower your body temperature and improve your circulatory system. In fact, cold water, when applied on your wrists, feet and ankles, can immediately bring down your body temperature, so remember this wherever you go!

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Drink A Lot….Of Water

While it’s common for most of us to envision a chilled beer in our hand on a hot summer’s day, the true magic liquid to combat heat is water. Summers can dehydrate you, so don’t forget to consume water frequently. This simple step will help you feel a lot more comfortable.

Invest In Modern Ceiling Fans

Getting an air-conditioner for each bedroom can be an expensive endeavour, but you can invest in modern ceiling fans instead. Now, what are modern fans, you ask? Well, ever noticed those ceiling fans that have a rope hanging from the centre? No, not that kind of rope. We’re talking about a rope-like string.

Any ceiling fan that has this feature is a modern one because when you pull the rope, you can adjust the draft as per your wish. One setting moves hot air upward while the other setting (ideal for summer) circulates cool air downward.

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Dress Smart For Summer

No one’s going to help you deal with the summer heat if you complain about whilst wearing a thick velvet coat. Jokes aside, summer is the best time to wear clothes made of light fabric such as cotton or linen. While we’re talking about dressing up, it always makes sense to carry an umbrella or wear shades (if you think you’re too cool for an umbrella) if you’re heading out during the day. Either of these will protect your body from heat. Also, don’t hesitate to buy sunscreen; it can really protect your skin from UV rays.

There you go, we hope you’re ready to stay cool this summer! Oh, by the way, want in on a cool summer offer? Apply for a Credit Card before March 31st and get an Amazon voucher of up to Rs. 2,000!

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