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By | October 25, 2016


In these technologically advanced times, the whole world is going digital. And there is so much digital data floating around because of the rapid adoption of new technology through products like the iPad and tablet computers.

Cloud storage had therefore become very popular among consumers. You can now store your financial information and any important financial documents in digital lockers.

Digital lockers? What’s that?

Digital lockers allow you to store your important documents and financial information in digital format, in a secure locker, on the cloud. This allows you to access your data from anywhere, irrespective of your current physical location.

Multiple options

There are several options when it comes to choosing a digital locker. There are many digital lockers like DigiLocker offered by the Government, private banks like ICICI Bank’s Smart Vault. Other providers include private-sector companies such as Kleeto.

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Digital lockers and Digital India

DigiLocker is an important initiative under the Digital India initiative. You can get access to the digital locker at On signing up, you get 10MB of storage on the cloud to store documents like your PAN Card, Passport, and certificates. This is issued by the Central or State Government.

The government also plans to create a single repository for all government-issued documents. A one-stop location.

Smart Vault by ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank provides a unique digital locker service, ‘Smart Vault’, which is fully automated and accessible around the clock.

The bank also provides physical document storage facilities in safe vaults that are controlled by robotic arms. You can gain access to the safe vault with your ICICI Bank Debit Card or by registering your biometric information.

If you want digital storage, ICICI Bank offers a document storage facility called e-Lockers.


Kleeto is a document management system that offers customers digital and physical data storage solutions. Kleeto’s systems provide a secure online platform for document storage, giving you instant access to your important documents. Users can access their documents upon logging into the system. As a part of the digital locker’s features, Kleeto also offers intelligent indexing and optional restricted access to select users.

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Safety of Digital Lockers

Digital lockers have a high level of encryption to maintain the security of data stored in digital format. Digital lockers use similar technology to that used by most internet banking platforms. There is no cause for worry about Credit Card fraud now.

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What to remember

  • Digital lockers are not free of cost. Some may be, while others may require a fee. You must compare the price options available before selecting one.
  • Some digital locker providers offer you the option of digital and physical storage. Find one to suit your requirements.
  • You must opt for digital lockers that comply with Indian regulations.
  • So get ready to safeguard your financial information and important documents.
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