How To Protect Your Credit Card From Physical Damage

By | October 26, 2016

How To Protect Your Credit Card From Physical Damage

Credit Cards make our lives a lot better. Whether it’s buying that latest smartphone you’ve been eyeing for a long time or just a simple online purchase; just use your Credit Card and the deal is done. Although Credit Cards come with a lot of benefits, there are a couple of responsibilities that you need to keep in mind as well.

To make the most of your Credit Card, it’s important for you to protect it from any kind of damage—electronic and physical. We often get to hear a lot of guidelines about the secure usage of Credit Cards online, but we often miss out on protecting them physically.

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Here are a few tips to help you save your cards from any unwanted physical damage:

Store your card safely

Keep your card in a place that’s accessible only to you. It’ll not only help save your card from physical damage but will also limit those impulsive purchases that you often regret later. The out of sight, out of mind logic applies here.

Save your card from wear and tear

It’s essential to save your card from any kind of wear and tear. Even if you store it carefully in your wallet, ensure you always keep the wallet in your front pockets or place it somewhere safely inside your bag. Doing this will significantly reduce the chances of your card getting bent, hence avoiding damages to the magnetic strip.

Protect the magnetic strip

The magnetic strip is one of the most important components of your Credit Card. It is, therefore, essential to keep your card away from any kind of strong magnet to prevent any potential damage to the strip.  Or you could get a Chip Card that is safer than a magnetic strip card.

Avoid exposing your card to extreme temperatures

To prevent any kind of physical damage to your card that can make it useless, it’s better to store it safely and away from extreme temperatures. Avoid placing your Credit Card anywhere near a microwave, for example, and ensure that you check your pockets before you carelessly put your cards into the laundry along with dirty clothes.

Store your paper statements carefully or destroy them

This is not directly related to your physical card but it’s definitely a good thing to keep in mind. Most of us are in the habit of throwing away the paper statement we get after every ATM transaction. Some of us do the same thing with the physical statements of our Credit Cards. Although those statements look like unwanted pieces of paper, they contain essential details about your card that shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone. Next time you decide to throw a statement away, think about shredding them. By destroying the statement, you can be sure that no one can access your information. Also, opt for online statements that are password protected.

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